Designing web sites is hard!

Been designing a friends web site for his small business and it's
proving to be more a pain in the ass that I expected.

Scripting the back end, no problem. Interfacing with a database, no
problem. The HTML, no problem. The artistic aspect of it all, HUGE
problem. I toil over this far more than anything else. Picking colors,
layouts, fonts, etc. I'm artistically retarted. If i know how I want it to
look, it's not a problem making it happen. Coming up with creative
ideas is a whole other thing.

I'm satisfied with the main index page and the contact forms. But
everything else seems like it needs improvement to me.

Maybe i'm just too critical of my work. What do you guys think?


Keep in mind, i'm no professional. This is a big learning experience for


I got a pic of my sister on there, find it, lol

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I found Fin's sis though ha!! A true hottie. BTW, you have 'gauge' spelled wrong on one of the pages

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Pretty good.

You should change the title from moorecrafts_dev to something else.
A lot of the pages have Untitled document as their title.

Octagon is misspelled on the crokinole page.

And I feel that the lower half of the circle on the front page is too light.

A very light color on a white background is yucky.

very clean. Sure its not fancy but I like it

Thatnks for everyone's input. Andrew, thanks for pointing out my mispelling. I actually thought octagon was spelled with an "o". lol. Page titles will be changed soon. I'll also concider changing the bottom half of the circle. I think you have a point there...

I'm the opposite but I think your doing a good job wit it.

just gotta get a little better at photoshop. it's not hard to make clean images once you know how. this is a little off just b/c I worked with a screen shot, but looks good:

lol. bartos, i know what you mean. i've always fancied myself a right-brained, artistic type (as opposed to an analytical, numbers guy), but after working on the design for my website, i'm not so sure anymore.

i definitely enjoy "art" and i do think i have a fairly good taste when it comes to choosing and critiquing designs, but it's a whole different ball game when all you have is a blank page and you have to come up with something out of nothing. alas, i think it's a gift that i don't have.

Again thanks. I love good honest constructive criticism from experts
when i'm learning a new skill. Chris, is that the inner glow bending
option? Won't that conflict with the shadow effect?