Desjardins is going to Tampa Bay..

Dont know if he'll play but if the flyers make it to the finals, he will be ready....BIG boost if he can some how play in tomorrow nights game but i doubt it...


that might be enough motivation to get the boys to the next round. Thanks for the update my friend!

I hope he doesn't play.  He has been such a liability in previous playoffs reguarding his defensive zone play.  I am actually glad he is out.  It seems whenever there is a big game on the line he makes a major fuck up cause he is hogging the puck.

Plus in 1997 when the boyz made it to the finals Murray put in Samueelson who didn't play the whole playoffs, and he sucked sooooo bad.  The wings were all over that guy.

Plus I don't need to remind you of 2000 with the Lindros hit.

Don't do it Hitch.

Desjardin will fuck things up.  He has been out too long.  Plus I have waited too long for this.  So many shitty goalies.  Fuck, we should have about 3 cups in the last ten years.

*Calls Tonya Harding to fix Desjardins arm*

I agree with Cherrypicker, Desjardins has never overly impressed me and I think he will get eaten alive. If the flyers get past TB I think they will take the cup, finally. Lets not screw it up...

Amen Dangerous!