Details of St-Pierre's fight?


Way to kick ass!! That win is huge!!!

Spratt did a front kick, St-Pierre shot like an animal, passed the guard took the mount, been reversed to guard, swept back to mount, took Spratt's back and choked him a la Hughes-Trigg...that's pretty much paced directive grappling beatdown.

Sweet! Cheers Marauder.

How was Spratt's defense on the ground?

Spratt defense on the ground was good but nothing near St-Pierre's skills

Total annihilation.

George deserves a heaping truckload of props. He made this fight look FAR too easy..


George had been sooooooo directive...

"Pete you go down"

"Pete I pass your guard"

"Pete I take the mount"

"Pete I pull a HughesTrigg on you"

Just plain AMAZING

All right, here is the fight description as best I can remember it. I have tried to be as accurate and honest as I can. I will say upfront that I am friends with George St. Pierre but this is a pretty accurate account of the fight.

Spratt comes out first, looking to be in awesome shape as usual. He goes to his corner without a lot of hype and huddles there with his two corner men. St. Pierre comes out to a great crowd reaction as he is in the heart of Quebec. St. Pierre is in his corner warming up similar to Kevin Randleman, doing huge standing jumps while Spratt remains in his corner facing his corner men and from what I could see talingk strategy or going through a pre fight ritual.

The fight starts and St. Pierre throws a jab that is out of range. Spratt throws a low round kick that misses and then another one that also misses. St. Pierre shoots and Spratt throws a front push kick or knee (tough to see) that just misses St. Pierre's head. St. Pierre has the single leg and drives into Spratt and gets the takedown.

St. Pierre is in half guard and is working to pass. Spratt's half guard is fairly tight but St. Pierre eventually does pass to side mount. Spratt begins bridging explosively and for a minute it looks like he will get out but St. Pierre switches from side to side and maintains the position. St. Pierre now holds a very tight cross body and looks to mount.

St. Pierre mounts and starts to strike. Spratt clinches and tries to hold St. Pierre down.
St. Pierre lifts up his body and begins slamming Spratt's head into the mat with his chest. Spratt now rolls to his stomach and tries to get up. St.Pierre is on his back working for a choke.

There is a reversal and Spratt is now in St. Pierre's guard. Spratt throws a couple of punches but St.Pierre locks down an arm and sweeps to mount. St. Pierre again starts raining down some good shots from mount and Spratt again gives his back and tries to stand up, this time he is successful. St. Pierre again tries to work for the rear naked choke and this time he too is successful. St. Pierre has the standing rear naked choke locked in tight. Picture the EXACT same finish as Hughes Trigg fight. Standing rear naked. Spratt falls back and taps on the way down. St. Pierre wins by rear naked choke.

After the fight St. Pierre celebrates, and the referee checks out Spratt who is a little woozy from the choke. Spratt leaves the ring immediately after he gets up and does not stay for the referee to announce the winner and raise St. Pierre's hand.

Way to go George!



spratt was cool though, he was out partying with georges and everyone later. they were hanging and everyone was having a good time as far as i could see, great show of sportsmanship by both.

I wrote it in Word and cut and pasted it in. It was properly formatted when I pasted it into the message window I guess it didn't translate properly when it actually was posted. Happy now?


Was Chris Brennan in Spratt's corner?

ttt for George! Spratt is a very cool guy. A bunch of us went out for food after the got t love our sport. Two guys can beet each other to death and then go and grab a bite together an hour later!



Any idea when the match will be broadcast in any form?

I'd love to see it on DVD ASAP!

Hopefully Pete spratt's rapping career will take off, now that Pierre has taught him a lesson.

Thanks for the fight break down.

ttt for St.Pierre.

What about JHR vs. Colangelo, or did the Chicken Wing Derby fall thru again???