Details On my 2006 Mark, Killaman

Coming back from a relatives, “wow, that looks like my car in the ditch…”

Fuckin got fucked. He is dead now. Look him up.

Person is dead now, Why? IDK.

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For saying you are not primesith,you post a lot of primesithish stuff

PS Kill ppl?

No, he just posted a bunch of weird shit, oddly structured posts.

Also he posted some sexually inappropriate shit about a 14 yr old daughter of an OGer.

Sure you dont have any horrible songs to sing?

I have great songs to sing.

Do u like Deftones?

Not especially.

Does primeshit kill people?

or homoslice, wormser, shlong?

Damn that sounds intense.

No, he is a huge pussy

I remember Mark, like i remember the copperhead in my bathroom 2014.

He had to go, I said a prayer for him, then lopped his head off.

Peace, brother.

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But I do know why.

I like this new character you’re playing here, way more interesting than RaskelSlice. Keep up the good work.