determining calorie levels

Mifflin-St Jeor equations used to determine calorie average daily metabolic rate. According to the majority of scientific data this is the moste accurate of common predictors of metabolic rate.

there are numerous equations used by fitness professionals, nutritionists and medical personnel

indirect calorimetry generally not as utilized - expensive device, inconvenient, tedious prepartation to ensure accurate measurements

here is a link to the Mifflin-st jeor method
i am assuming TEF is considered in developing this equation , although generally rather low 8-15%

i often cross compare methods and generally they are very similar

Coach Hale

Hey Coach, a while back lyle macdonald wrote an article about the same topic, what do u think of his method versus the above one?

Wow thats 400 cals lighter than my fitday calories.

Interesting stuff, good find coach.