determining fighting weight

I've been training JJ for about a year now. My problem is that I love to train but I seem to drop too much weight to fast. I'm puzzled when I hear guys say they put on 10-15, 20 lbs training everyday? How? With all the cardio from rolling it's difficult for me to gain anything, my problem is keeping it on. I hover around 207 but have been as high as 217. I feel stronger heavier BUT my wind is better lighter. Any suggestions determining how to find the optimum weight to fight at. I'm amazed when I hear guys say they gain 15 lbs training everyday. how??

Thanks in advance for the help....GD


It's possible to train bjj, lift, and still gain muscle mass. Training light on certain days certainly helps. There is no black and white way to do it, but there are guidelines that help people achieve this goal, while training hardcore martial arts. I used to think it wasn't possible either, until I did it myself.

As for fighting weight...go where you're most comfortable in a tournament format. Meaning, stay at the weight where you feel strongest when you roll with 3 or 4 opponents in a row.

Hope that helps.

You have to eat more food, seriously. How much are you eating now? When do you eat, how many meals/day? What types of foods are you eating?

Regarding weight class, are you on a team? That might have more to do with your weight class than anything else. For instance, I am usually stuck in the 170-185 range just due to the fact that we have several guy's at the other weight classes but only one, (other than me), at the 185 range.

If you're not on a team then 4 Ranges advice would be the way to go. I would just train balls out to get ready and where ever I end up, weight wise, is where I would compete. This will be the optimum weight for you as your strength and endurance will be maximized, rather than compromised through cutting weight to reach a specific weight class.

Eat clean, drink at least a gallon of water a day, run your sprints, pump iron and roll every day. What you weigh is where you roll, have fun and enjoy the experience.

Thanks for the info guys. I appreciate it.

ChemicalSage: I definitely need to eat more. I'm learning how to time this correctly with my training (I've found out the hard way, DO NOT eat to close to training time). That said, I'm currently working my way up to 5 meals a day 3 solids and two liquid (or small snack in it's place, ie. peanuts etc..). My foods comprise of fish, chicken, some beef, potatoes, rice, beans and brocolli.

4ranges: Honestly, I guess I've been to concerned with keeping a certain look rather than letting mat work direct my body and weight. Taking this perspective def. helps.

Paul Sharp: I'm not currently on a team so I'm not forced into any particular weight class at this time.

I posted again before, but it got erased/I screwed up.

The jist of it: eat peanuts for snacks, try to drink a protein shake when you get up in the morning. It's a super easy way to get calories/nutrition. All the foods you're eating sound great, tell us how it goes.