Detroit Classic

I got word from Tyrone that the Detroit Classic was coming up soon as well. I think he said in May. Anyone know anything more on that? Tyrone, do you guys have anything final in that tournament tey to where to can start spreading the word?


Wolverine Classic

Champions Challenge


Grappling Classic

Detroit Classic

Wow! Mid-west grapplers have plenty of events to test their skills. That's great. And for Michigan grapplers, no need to travel out of state. Cool.

Yeah, I tell ya what, MFC really appreciates the efforts you guys put in to allow us a place to showcase our training.


I will have guys at each and every one.

there's a machado bb teaching a seminar at this event.


Yeah, at the Detroit Classic ....... I didn't see anything on the flyer for there being a tournament though. The only thing I seen about grappling was the Seminar. I had full intencions on going to the seminar too but with all these other tournaments coming up, I dont see me having the money for everything. :0( I dunno, we will see, I still have a couple days to figure it out. I might but probable not.


When is the Can-Americans?

Who is the bb? Is it Paulo Guillobel? Cause if it is, I am so there. That dude is fucking sweet.

actually Marie, I spoke with Harv today...and I "think" he mentioned August 7th. Don't quote me 100% on that date though. I'll find out soon.

COO Ang, thanks

Q, no, it's not that guy. I dont remember the guys name. Infact, hes a BB under the Machados but I have never heard of his name before.