"Deuce" Garner: I Can Beat Pat Bennett Anywhere

American Top Teams own Kenny "Deuce" Garner (6-3) has proven to be a force in the Heavyweight division. Last year Deuce became noticed in the Mixed Martial Arts world when he won the M-1 Selection America series. It just so happens that the man Deuce defeated to become Champion, is the same man looking for revenge this Friday July 8th. And Deuce couldn't be more happy to be facing a man whom he already knocked out.

Speaking via HitTheRopes, Deuce said:

"First I would like to thank Pat for calling me out. Thank you Pat [Laughs]."

"He must of thought it was a fluke. If it was football, he must of thought it was a hail mary."

"I guess it was a phantom punch just like Muhammad Ali and Sonny Liston. I guess that's what he was thinking. I looked at the tape and hit him hard but he thought it was a fluke."

"Pat's stubborn. The other guys (Matt Hopkins and Andrei Kapylou) in the selection series retired. What's wrong with him?"

"I'm going to finish him the same way but faster. If he takes me to the ground, I'm going to submit him. Then what's he gonna say? He's gonna say, I can't beat that man anywhere."

Deuce is extremely excited for this fight as he's confident Bennett has nothing for him. When this interview was conducted, it was 3:30am and Deuce was unable to sleep due to excitement. Not only is Deuce excited to be fighting a man whom he already defeated, he's excited at the implications a win Friday night would imply. The winner of this fight would be in line to fight Guram Gugenishvili for M-1 Globals prestigious Heavyweight title. A title that Deuce already considers his even though he has a lose to Gugenishvili.

"I messed up in Russia. It was my fault and he (Gugenishvili) did his thing."

"I was smashing him (Gugenishvili), made a mistake and he caught me. I guarentee that won't happen again."

"I'm coming to get my belt back and no one is getting out of the first round. No Heavyweight out there wants to stand with me."

"I'm getting my belt back and then I'm going after the Strikeforce and UFC Heavyweight belts. I'm looking for that title unification."

Deuce Garner looks to make a name for himself as a force to be reckoned with July 8th on Showtime. Deuce is using the fight against Bennett as an opportunity to get a title shot at highly touted Guram Gugenishvili. A bout which Deuce promises would end quickly in the first round putting a halt to the "hype train" that is Guram Gugenishvili.

For more information on M-1 Challenge: Bennett vs Garner, visit M-1Global.com and Sho.com/Sports.

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