Deus Ex 2: thoughts

Not as bad as I initially expected.

Firstly, the interface is terrible. There was nothing wrong with the original, but presumably they altered it to appeal to console owners.

Some people have called the graphics average. I think they are pretty good - not the best, but no where near as bad as some people have said. However, this game is fucking SLOW. I have a AMD 3000, ATI 9700 Pro, and this thing went about 2 fps on the default settings (which I think is maxed out). After some tinkering, I got this to perform adequately. Not shit off a shovel, but about 25 fps consistently.

The ammo thing is a big mistake. I haven't really bothered trying to understand which weapon uses how much, but I really think they messed up in this department. Having different types of ammo in the original was hardly a hinderance. Coupled with the very limited inventory, I think they ballsed up big in this dept.

That said this game does have the feel of Deus Ex. Like MGS2, the main guy seems like a bit of a dork in comparison to the guy you used to play, but the atmosphere of the rest of the game is still there. The freedom is still there and thats a big plus.

I haven't finished it yet, but I've heard its much shorter than the first, and that could weigh heavily against it.

Anyone else played it yet?

not yet, can't say that the majority of what i have heard is good though.

If its running that poorly on your system i wont even bother (2800+barton and FX5600)

load times aren't that bad for me. Maybe about 10 secs at the most.

"Consoles will be the death of quality PC gaming. :( "

If we're lucky.

I look forward to a day when consoles rule the gaming market, and PC's are used for email and porn like they are supposed to.

I'm not saying that they can't. I'm not dissing PC games at all, in fact, as I enjoy quite a few of them. I just think things will be better when consoles can handle both console games, and traditional PC games. Then, I don't have to spend the extra cash on more RAM for my PC, or yet another badass video card because the one I got last week doesn't run well with my new copy of whatever video game I just bought because they didn't test it well with all the current drivers. Consoles are standardized. And I love them for it.

I would hate that. One of the biggest advantages of PC game is that they can be supported by a community who is prepared to makes mods or improvements to extend the life of the game. Put it onto a console and that just evaporates.

I agree, PCs will probably always be a niche category compared to consoles, but in general PC games are far superior to console ones. Most people just don't realise it because they don't have the hardware or patience to play them. Would you ever see a game like Operation Flashpoint or Desert Combat on the PS2? At the same time we are never gonna see Rachet and Clank or Jack and Dexter or Tony and Tiny or some other shit on the PC, because the home of uninspiring, unoriginal, cartoonish games is the console. I've owned a PS, an N64, a Dreamcast and a PS2 and none have ever kept my attention for more than a few weeks, simply because I've experienced a higher plane of gaming.

PC gaming is SOOOOOOOOOOOO much more fun than fuckin consoles. The only game i even play on my PS2 anymore is NCAA Football 2004.


As far as PC games being superior, they may be now, but what about when the next-gen consoles come out? Besides modding, what's wrong with a standard? And consoles have some really great games. Some play better on the PC because of the mouse and keyboard, but you can get a mouse and keyboard for your gaming system. Let me qualify my earlier statement by saying that I don't really want console gaming to wipe out PC gaming, I want more of a merging between the two. And don't bash games you don't like, because that doesn't mean they aren't great games to somebody. My nephews aren't ready for complicated war games. But they will be soon enough.

PC games will always be superior. Its not just modding, its the innovation. Console games are incredibly formulaic, and haven't really veered away the same platform, sports or beat'em up genres. All the original games are appearing first on the PC.

The simple fact that you can develop for the PC without buying a $100,000 console dev. kit ensures that there will always be more original material on the PC.

"At the same time we are never gonna see Rachet and Clank or Jack and Dexter or Tony and Tiny or some other shit on the PC, because the home of uninspiring, unoriginal, cartoonish games is the console."

Have you ever played Rachet and Clank?

I just picked up Deus Ex today and it seems ok so far... I only played for like 15 minutes though. The graphics run fine at default on my computer.

The only thing is: What the fuck is up with the controls? Is it me or is the mouse about 100 times as sensitive as it should be?

I have yet to play games on a console that would keep me interested for more then a week... EXCEPT sports titles playing against another human... PC games, IMO, generally need much more of your time, thought, and sometimes even outside research (WWII strat games and flight sims for example). I love that I can get so involved in some PC games.

Consoles always turn into click fests for me. Not that there isn't a place for that because I LOVE a good click fest from time to time. But I'd rather spend my time getting into a deep PC game anyday.

LgFriess, how can Half Life, Deus Ex, GTA3, and MAx Payne turn into click fests when they're the same game as on the PC, only with different controls?

I agree that some PC games are better, but I can't justify the 1000% difference in hardware cost, personally.

the home of uninspiring, unoriginal, cartoonish games is the console
Which is why all your PC guys were dying to get GTA3 when it finally ported...
Don't bullshit me. I used to sell PC games for a living. There's LOTS of rehashed, unoriginal, unispired games out there for PCs. In fact, low development costs ensure that just about anyone can knock off a successful game quickly. For every Myst, Quake, and BF1942, there's 75 bullshit titles that no one should want.

Both Half-Life and Max Payne were PC games first. The consoles would never have seen them had they not appeared on the PC. Same goes for GTA3 - GTA was originally designed for PC.

In essence console games are incredibly formulaic and only venture outside the usual platform, sports or beat em up pattern if its already been done succesfully on the PC.

That said, not every good PC game gets transfered to consoles and thats why PCs will always be better.

Same goes for GTA3 - GTA was originally designed for PC.
Ninja, please. GTA3 was designed for console. GTA, in its PC incarnation, never acheived 10% of the popularity that its console-designed brethren did.
I'm just saying the putting something on a console doesn't make it into a clickfest. Often, the difference in the game experience is pretty small.

At any rate, the difference between the two is disappearing. Consoles getting HDs, broadband, high-definition output, and USB peripherals, as well as integrating the same type of hardware means the debate will be moot soon. Cross-platform development is more common than ever before, so we're often playing the same games already.

Right now, though, I can't justify the 1000% difference in cost of equipment to gain some RTS games, crisper graphics, and some game mods.

LMAO GTA3 would not have existed without GTA, and GTA is the type of game that could ONLY come out on the PC first.

PCs also do a million other things better than consoles. LOL at RTS. Console forays into genres such as FPS only show how weak they really are - Halo for example is blindingly average compaired to any other PC FPS.

"LgFriess, how can Half Life, Deus Ex, GTA3, and MAx Payne turn into click fests when they're the same game as on the PC, only with different controls?"

Oh yeah. You're right. A few do make it. Of course, I did play MP on a console once. It was unbearable due to the crap control layout. Nothing beats the awsd/mouse combo that I know of. Graphics don't make the grade either... although that's not all that important in what I look for.

Anyway, I'll give you your point Willybone. But for the most part, console gaming = click fest = boooooring.

And one point about the cost issue. I payed about $2500 for my current system. I know I'll upgrade in a few years and probably do some small upgrades in between. Expensive for games? Hell yes. But to me, so what. It's a hobby. I make a good living. I can afford it. Even if I couldn't, I'd skimp by the best I could to be a PC gamer for one reason only... if console gaming was my only option, I'd stop being a gamer because I'd simply lose interest. That is until a loudmouth friend needed another Madden ass stomping =P

You guys are funnier than most console fanboys in your craziness. Wouldn't game just because it's on a console? Then, you're not much of a gamer in my eyes. I'd still be gaming if I only had a 286PC or NES. Personally, I think Max Payne/Quake3/GTA3/HalfLife with lower res and a handheld controller is still worth playing.

I also happen to like platformers, fighting, extreme sports, Japanese RPGs, survival horror, non-sim racing, musical, lightgun, and other genres that the PC doesn't touch.

Give me a call when I can sit around a single PC with my friends and play with them all night.
In return, I'll call you when I can use a console to multiplay online at broadband speed.
*ring ring* Hi, it's me. I can do that.