Deus Ex 2 trouble shooting?

I just installed Deus Ex 2. When I try to play it, it says 'Engine requires video card with pixel shader 1.1 or greater'.

I've got a 64mb GeForce 4 video card. I just installed the newwest Direct X and the newest GeForce driver, but it's still giving me this message.

Whats the problem?



PCs are great, aren't they?

j/k, do they have a list of compatible video cards on the Deus2 site?

Chances are you have a Geforce 4 MX, which dosn't fully support Direct X 8.1.

If the game dosn't work at the moment, I don't think there is anyway to get it working at all without upgrading your graphics card.

the GeForce 4 MX series sucks ass, GeForce 3's are actually better because the 4MX is build on the GeForce 2s board.

I have same problem - same card we are out of luck man.

shoulda gotten a TI
Does Texas Instruments still make computers?

Is that the Playstation 3?

So would installing the new drivers help with making it compatible? Or should I just think about gettin an entirely new video card?

Installing new drivers wouldn't make any difference.

To get it to work you would need to buy a new video card.

The thing is DX2 is a monster of a game, and you need a hefty computer to run it. If you just bought say a Geforce 4 Ti 4200 or a Radeon 9200 or something you may still be disappointed with the game's performance.