Deus Ex Question

Okay, this may be a really stupid question.

I just downloaded the original Deus Ex for the PC, and the game seems cool so far. However, I'll get messages at the top of my screen with a "message continued..." prompt, and cannot figure out, for the life of me, how to advance to the next message.

I can't even finish training after the weapons instructor gives me a message, because I can't see what he's got to say. I've tried every key on the keyboard, but no luck.


Tried it.


Ahh, dammit.

Well, thanks for the heads up.

I think they're giving out the original Deus Ex for free in some computer gaming magazine this month or next, so maybe I'll just pick that up and install a legit copy.

you can probably buy the original for less than the electricity costs needed to download it from the net.


Nearly shat myself during the level in (either Berlin or Paris), when the German cyborg (Gunther?) turns up when you leave in the helicopter at the end of the level. Great storyline really draws you in, and gets you emotionally involved

I just couldn't get into that game. It came with my sound card (along with Thief 2 i believe). I played it for maybe 20 minutes and just got very turned off by the fact that my aim sucks to start. I might have to go back and give it a go again or maybe I will just like #2 better

Heh. Get a lazer pointer for your gun and you can use it as a sniper rifle. It's more steady.

yeah, I mean it is technically an RPG so it is some what understandable that my aim isn't perfect but I can aim better in real life with my limited firearms experience so it just really annoyed me.

DoctorDope, I just need to play the game... I think I just stopped too quick

Yeah, I really want to try it before Deus Ex 2 comes out.

Seriously, they are including it on a CD with some computer games magazine for free this month. I'll have to look for it.