Developing power in jab

Hi Guys,

Got some basic questions on the jab--does the shoulder extend forward or does it rotate forward? I know that a lot of the power in the jab comes from shifting the weight onto the front leg, but my upper body is confused about the mechanics.

Also, is the angle of punch straight in, or does it hit at 45 degrees (slightly diagonal)?

I know that the jab is not a pwoer punch per se, but I do want to be able to have one that does at least sting when it connects.



i throw mine straight, so my opponent can't walk through it at all. if you step with it, it will have more power to it also

to strenghten your punches try working with a sledgehammer and a tire. works wonders

Jason is correct. Check out Dempsey's description of the "left jolt" as he called it.