Devil in a blue dress worth watching?

Have never seen it, and feel like watching a movie set in LA

Do it. Great flick. Phone Post 3.0

Watched it once, and it sucked.  Forgot the title at some point and watched it again... even worse the second time.  Don't waste your time.

Don't watch Dead Presidents either, it sucks.

Watch it. Love it. Then read Walter Mosley's Easy Rawlins books.

Don Cheadle's portrayal of Mouse in that movie helped me to better understand the book character, and his relationship with Easy. Phone Post 3.0

Outvoted ravenman

Going to watch it

Cheers gents

The dress is white. Phone Post 3.0

Tom Sizemore, Jennifer Beals, Denzel, Cheadle

Mouse is cool as hell.

I liked it. Worth watching imo Phone Post 3.0

Enjoyed it

Don Cheadle was great