Devin Brown

He has probably been the most consistent player for the Spurs during this Lakers series. It's hard to praise his defense against Kobe considering how bad Kobe has been torching the Spurs, but I honestly think Brown has been playing Kobe better than Bowen these last few games. On the offensive end he has just been clutch. His play last night, along with Manu's, is the only reason the Spurs were even able to get back in the game last night. Pretty good for a second year kid who was undrafted.

Hedo Turkoglu can go back to the Kings, he is a worthless piece of shit. Spurs should start Manu next year with Brown as sixth man.

lol, I missed last nights game but I thought Turk had been doing well for the Spurs. Is this not true??

his lakers series has been so bad he should go back to turkey

lol@ ptm2020!!!

Devin brown Was the only Spur hitting the wide-open shots.

I gotta give up props for DB..He was the only one that was really keeping them in the game..But Kobe was going thru him like he was a Elementary Player!

He was MVP of the NBDL. If dipshit scouts were more focused on performance than their gay irrelevant player evaluations Brown would have been in the league contributing even sooner.