Devon Dudley Fan Altercation

JeremyL is correct

.. even still if the average person hit Dvon him striking back wouldnt be self defense...thats called "instigating premeditated violence" since the simple fact is he wasnt try to protect himself.

likei said , at the stop light ,him coming out of his car and up to the other guy in the streets trying to start a confrontation ( AGAIN and occured a WHILE later) or in other words "baiting".

Suppose for the sake of convo the dude whipped his ass -- i dont think the judge would give him justification regardless.

"Someone striking you does not give you a free ticket to tee off on them, no matter who you are and even less so if you are a professional fighter, boxer, wrestler etc."


That would have been awesome it that bad back guy had a friend who just layed dvon on his ass.