Devon Larratt got HUGE in the last few months


Chaffee was the prison guard on that Game of Arms show right?

I find arm wrestling to be cool but it’s a bit hard to follow

Devan made easy work out of the mountain a few years back.


Apparently you don’t pay enough attention to Armwrestling. John Brzenk is the best there ever was. And Denis Cyplenkov played with Larratt like he was a small child.

Always wondered if all those bumps on his arms are the results of repeated steroid injections.

Yep that’s him.

Yes Brzenk is the GOAT.

But Larratt is on the short list of the best to ever do it.

Cyplenkov beat Larratt left handed the same year Todd beat Larratt right handed.
But since then Larratt has beaten Chaffee and just destroyed Todd.
And Chaffee has beaten Cyplenkov.

Life is a fluid thing, and arm wrestlers aren’t exempt from those ups and downs. Larratt has had 2 surgeries and himself said this recent match with Todd was the first time he’s felt healthy and “safe” (as in not afraid to get re-injured) since before the surgeries.

Plus, there is no shame to losing to a monster like Cyplenkov.
These guys can all beat eachother on a given day.
Brzenk went back and forth with Goodridge. Goodridge went back and forth with Dean. Brzenk went back and forth with Larrat. Larratt has gone back and forth with Todd.

Devon Larratt has had success at the absolute highest levels of arm wrestling, both right and left handed.
I have never heard anyone doubt his place among the best ever.


Spot on with all of that, Why I think he is the GOAT is because what he has done for the sport. He is the face of it, imo. He drives around and does garage sessions, always willing to teach other people and spend time with the fans. He is the one that really put it on the map. IMO of course.

Brzenk has done all of that too.
Pulling John turned a lot of people on to arm wrestling. He has a good internet presence too.

Brzenk is retired, and kind of the elder statesman of arm wrestling.
But at the tail end of his career, he was still beating the best if this current generation.
He beat Bagent, Cyplenkov, Larratt, etc…

And Brzenk stayed at the top for the better part of 30 years.
The Over The Top tournament when he won the truck, was in 1985.
Brzenk’s caree and success spans generations of great arm wrestlers.
From Johnny Walker, Cleave Dean,Ron Bath, Scott Norton, Gary Goodridge, Richard Lupkus, etc… to the newer guys like Bagent, Larratt, etc.
There are a bunch of names I’m leaving out.

Brzenk has been “the man” in arm wrestling for longer and more consistently than anyone.

Not really arguing though.
I like Larratt.
Nothing wrong with ranking him very highly.

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I like Brzenk also. I watched a documentary on him awhile back. If I remember correctly, he got a job working at an airport so he could fly to different arm wrestling tournaments around the country, way before it was really a popular sport. He was just a kid when he started. He is a class act also.

“He is the one that really put it on the map” … There would be no Devon, without a Lincoln Hawk.



So is arm wrestling 75% technique and 25% strength?

Hmmm… more like 50/50.

You have to have both.

Being very strong with only basic technique can get your foot in the door, but if you can’t counter an outside move, you ain’t getting very far.

Then again, all the technique in the world doesn’t mean shit if you don’t have the strength behind it.
Knowing how to beat someone’s hand, isn’t the same as actually doing it.

I call it “strength of technique”.

Meaning that you not only learn the various techniques, but you train to have as much strength behind them as possible.
It takes time for all of that to come together.

You can know every trick in the book… but at some point you’re still going to have to overpower someone in a deep hook.

The good thing is, that strength of technique improves with table time.

This recent Larratt/Todd match is a good example.

Larratt probably has the edge in technique overall, while Todd has one move that gives guys problems.

Larratt had beat Todd before, IIRC prior to his surgery.
A couple years ago, Todd beat Larratt.

Larratt kne he had to get bigger and stronger for this one, and that’s exactly what he did.

Larratt came in at around 290 and just overpowered Todd.
He was both better AND stronger on the table – and it was the power difference that defined the match.

Granted… Larratt had some struggles agyer his arm surgeries… so being healthy this time around was a big deal.
But we still saw the biggest most powerful Larratt ever.

And look at Levan…
His technique appears relatively basic, and he’s a monster.

You can never have enough strength.


Larratt is a legend. I’ll occasionally go down an arm wrestling rabbit hole because of him.

As an aside, where do you guys think ‘Schoolboy’ will rank once his story is told?

Pretty sure he’s only 20?

That means he hasn’t even hit his full grown man strength yet.
As long as he avoids serious injury setbacks… hes only going to get stronger.

Very likely he gets to the top tier of guys within a few years.

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So how does Levan stack up against guys like Matt Mask and Travis Baggit, does he smash those guys?

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