Devon Larratt is going to box the Mountain

Their arm wrestling match:


Two larger than life characters. Devon made me watch arm wrastl’in during the pandemic due to his personality.


I know Devon is a special forces soldier but Thor has been training and fighting for a year now. Does Devon have any kind of background in the squared ring?

Saw this on his Instagram. Wasn’t sure if real.

“I have no formal boxing training. I love fighting…”


Captain Canada!

No, he’s asking for boxers in Ottawa to come train him.

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I saw the mountain box.

Yall can say what you want about it.

Id put a random UG/OG person against the mountain and lay 50 bucks on the UG/OG guy. He fucking sucks. Being huge means squat if you can’t fight and that fuckin guy cant fight.


I see it going down like this… Devon works from the outside, obviously the lighter, smaller, faster fighter. Eventually the Mountain is incapacitated and lying on his back in the middle of the ring. Devon is taunting a defeated Mountain as he looks to his true love looking on. Out of nowhere,the Mountain takes and unexpecting Devon off his feet, climbs on top of him like a large lover and crushes his head like Dr.Pimple popper without her anoying metal tool.

I don’t know why but it feels like we’ve seen this all play out before


Are we just gonna gloss over the fact Devon can’t even straighten his arms out? Man’s arms are permanently bent at like 35 degrees aven when just walking around. How’s he supposed to throw a jab or a straight punch?

The average non-fighter will have fuck all chance. Just because he looks like shit against pro boxers doesn’t mean he can’t crush the average postal worker.


Eddie Hall is going to crush the mountain

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Nah I use to think that but Eddie Hall is injured because he was training like a retard.

He looked like shit against another guy who cant fight. Did you not watch?

Most of the people here at least showed up to class.

This fuck literally fell over his own feet

Yup - I would take Jimmy Smith the Boxer (or commentator) over hafthor - he is absolutely atrocious. Eddie hall is not good & he would have mopped the floor with him, imo


Let me know if any non-pro fighter gets in the ring with the guy Thor fought: Steven Ward, 13-1 pro boxer and let me know how long that fella remains standing.

Lets see you go against Steven Ward in boxing and let me know how you get along.

Id for sure box the mountain for 100k.

In one of Jujimufus videos there’s a black belt on the wall in Devon Larratt’s house, not sure if judo or what. Make this mma

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