Devon Larratt is going to box the Mountain

Do you follow armwrestling? I know they’re two different sports, but Devon is known as a cardio God in armwrestling.

With that said, what you’ve just said might be the case.

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Apparently Devon won the military Iron Man in Canada, but has barely trained cardio since getting out of the army. That means he has great genetics for cardio, but he’s also 46 and hasn’t trained it in a long time. Is five weeks enough to get it back at his age? I have no idea.

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Can’t wait to find out.

Lol which OGer said this in a reply to my comment on Youtube? C’mon man…

[Firas is a] legend based on what? Fell into an open BBJ position and happened to take over the gym in montreal?

Guy is actual clown shoes. He ONLY knows about limited aspects of the fight game, and BBJ. Theres a reason GSP went to Freddie Roach for boxing training.

I saw someone on using jajajaja and i gave him a F the UG

I really don’t like Devon doing a complete dietary overhaul a month before his fight.

Dance with the girl that brought you there. Being strong and full of piss and vinegar (and steak).

Not a fucking vegan.
Rant over.


Why are arm wrestlers so much better at YouTube than MMA fighters?

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Apparently in May Thor was 340 and Devon was in the 290’s.

They said he could barely walk up a flight of stairs at 290. It was a temporary bulk to beat Todd. I bet he weighs less than 260 for this fight.

People keep saying TriStar is one of the top gyms, Zahabi one of the best coaches… Do they have any top fighters anymore?

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He spent over 16 years in the special forces, has done tours in Afghanistan and has been wounded. How scared do you think he’ll be standing across from Thor. Devon has no real boxing experience but Thor is probably only 1 level above that. Do you take a special forces madman who’s been wounded in war over one of the strongest humans ever who’s been pampered for most of his life?

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Well, doesn’t look good for Devon. He can’t even punch correctly.


Why didn’t he just crush his head

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Yeah, after seeing this footage he’s fucked.

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Thor’s body transformation is amazing. He’s still pretty raw but is moving around like a boxer now. Will watch

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Remember he still a special forces fighter. Thor will be the better boxer in there, but there will be an actual killer standing across from him.

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Well, assuming they don’t allow guns or knives in there, I’ll take the guy who’s been training boxing for the past year and a half in a boxing match.


Firas is a jihadist. If he shared what he actually thought vs what he keeps to himself he wouldn’t be nearly as popular here.

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Aaaand he was competing in long distance running and one time in triathlon, if i remember correctly

A year ago i tried competing in armwrestling and was training for it, nothing serious but then i tried to swim, my hands had so much more power in freestyle it was actual noticeable(well the first 100m felt like i was above water) if Devons core and legs can stay tight while throwing arm punches you dont wanna be close to him