Devon Larratt is going to box the Mountain

Is that the reccomendation the W.H.O is making? :wink:

Huge Devon fan but yeah he’s in trouble. Thor is no world beater but he’s going through the proper process of learning boxing.

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Who Cares The Mountain GIF by Kino Lorber


He seems like one of the few good muslims, actually. The west still should have <1% of them, but he can stay.

Over 100lbs lighter apparently.


Zab Judah knocks them both out back to back

I don’t know, dude. He was a great guy but he’s what, 5’6 and almost 50?
At some point strength and size tend to transcend technique. Zab can probably knock out Larratt, but the Mountain would basically just either hold him off with an arm that weighs half as much as Judah himself or lean on him if things get messy. I’d bet the house on Hafthor.

Thor probably added some years to his life losing that weight too. He has to get casted in more movies in the future too.

Zab Judah would win easily in a boxing match

Yeeeaeah, no.
he’s talking metaphorically or refers to bodybuilders who never were in a ring.

Hafthor has been a pro athlete all his life, first basketball, then powerlifting/strongmen, now almost fulltime martial artist. If Hafthor and Zab got in a streetfight and the Icelander would go berserk, he would squash the little dude. Yes, boxingwise, he’s twice the man the Mountain ever will be. But strength and sizewise Hafthor represents a maxed out human. A pro strongman’s strength is on a completely different level. Judah is a warmup weight he can literally throw wherever he wants to. He can literally turn every move into a submission.


Devon is a master of psychology

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Just watched some sparring footage of Larratt, thought it was a joke video to start but then I think it’s for real lol

The mountain sucks balls at boxing from what I’ve seen but I think Devon is FUCKED in this fight

That’s because you guys have weird standards. Boxing is a difficult sport. Moving around @ superheavyweight is not gonna look as good as a superathlete who weighs a buck fifty.
But even an average superheavyweight will smash a goat featherweight.

Anyone watch it? I bought the PPV from Core Sports but won’t spoil it if you want to catch the replay on Youtube or whatever.

I bought it for the main event.

I feel like it could have gone farther than it did.

I reckon Devon’s purse is 10 times what he usually gets for arm wrestling so it should be worth it for him.