Devon Larratt is going to box the Mountain

Judging by his sparring footage, Devon is completely fucked. Doesn’t even look like he could ko Thor is he landed his best punch on a completely defenseless Thor. His elbows are probably just so fucked, his punching form is useless.

That was really bad.


Ok. Devon didn’t even make it out of the first round. Referee stoppage TKO with about 25 seconds left in the 1st.


That was a waste of time. These freak show fights are duds

Poor Devon; he cant straighten his arms due to the years of arm wrestling. Wish Eddie wouldve been healthy

It’s almost like there’s a reason we’d previously been watching professional athletes.

This shit isn’t there to appeal to fight fans. It’s there for plebs who buy into reality tv and social media. As soon as the interest in celebrities fighting wanes again, they’ll all leave.

Well that sucked.

Boxing is very much like music, in that you should record what you’re playing to see how it sounds/looks in hindsight. I wonder if Firas was honest with him on how he looked in training?

My guess is Devon kinda knew this was a long shot.

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These freakshows have a shelf life. Promoters better make their money while there’s still interest because it will quickly dry up.

It’s cyclical. Don’t you remember Joey buttofucko boxing chyna?

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Nobody outside of the arm wrestling community should be surprised by the result. Devon looked horrible, starting with this boxing stance which was square. He was running around, wasting tons of energy and gassing out badly especially after his failed flurry attempt.

This would have been an early stoppage by any pro boxing standard but a good stoppage under Devon’s circumstances. The ref saved him from a brutal KO moments later.

He was screaming as he threw his punches.

In Devons defense he landed a good shot early on. He did in fact punch thor in the face. both looked terrible tho. thors wasting his talents in boxing. he should go back to strongman or compete in mma like puidzianowski. at shw, he could prob do quite well.

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Well that’s just a Devon thing

But yes, his form and flailing around was the problem.

Yep, I saw that. Devon did land a nice right hand counter early in the fight but didn’t seem to phase Thor.

I actually think Thor is doing the right thing at this stage of his life. In an interview he said that he has won all there is to win in Strongman and is now focusing more on his health. So rather than relying on PEDs, cutting down on his weight is a good thing imo.

Michael Todd (Devon’s arch rival) on the other hand announced that he will be going on steroids for one last hurrah in arm wrestling hoping to make to the top by beating Devon or Levan. Personally, I wouldn’t sacrifice health for fame but to each their own.

Devon never came into the fight. Firas had maybe a 230 lbs man chasing him around a bit but Hafthor is a 330 lbs giant. You can’t prepare for that. All things considered the Icelander looked decent and should 100% sign with Triller to capitalise on his momentum.

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It’s so strange to me that some men can’t fight, at all. And even men skilled in other physical sports.

I mean everyone can lose. Everyone can get beat up.

But to not to even know basic stance and form. To not to even have a basic jab, basic footwork, and a decent straight right hand (trained for, and lined up) is remarkable IF you actually train for, and take, a boxing match.

It’s not intuitive for most people.

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Devon is no small man. Thor doesn’t even look human. He looks like Thanos.

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