Devon Larratt is going to box the Mountain

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Eddie would destroy Thor’s liver

Many people have delusions of themselves especially when it comes to street fighting or boxing. Those of us that have trained boxing know how hard and demanding the sport is.

It was plain as daylight to see that Thor has been putting in the time to train boxing properly for a year and a half with a couple of exhibition fights while Devon had delusions of being able to box. No amount of warrior mindset is going to get you through the tough rounds that you’ve never experienced before.

I’m entrenched within the arm wrestling community and it’s comical to see how many people thought that Devon would win or even last 3 rounds.

I’m a Devon fan but this experience was surely humbling and somewhat embarrassing for him. He’s still the man though and has accomplished way more than I ever have.

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Is Eddie any good at boxing? I’ll be putting my money on Thor, he’s putting in the honest time in the ring.

I don’t think either one of them landed a clean solid punch on each other. I think Devon running around screaming had the ref scared for his safety so he stopped the fight…

I think Devon got put on the vegan diet by his trainers because they seen he was a walking heart attack about to happen.

Devon needs to chill out. He doesn’t look healthy. You can see it in his eyes. He needs to get off the steroids, change his diet, and chill out on the arm wrestling. I think he almost died a year or so ago from blood clots. The doctors caught it just in time. Then after he heals, he hulks himself up on more steroids and thousands upon thousands of calories per day, drinking syrup from the bottle, to arm wrestle Michael Todd…

Devon is going to fall over dead within 3 years if he don’t change something drastically. I don’t think his heart can take it much longer

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Eddie is a windmill puncher. He’s horrible. His training consist of power lifting and getting his trainers to stand still so he can punch them as hard as he can…

Devon probably put in more honest work then Eddie.

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Eddie is not good. But he will do better than Devon.

He has some explosion, and intent. Intent to throw ‘x’, for ‘x reason’.

But will likely gas early. But they both probably will.

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Getting some coaching from CW champ, Okoli.

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Eddie Hall has pretty good gas for a guy his size/mass. He swims frequently

Swimming is husky fat cardio

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HFT with another troll comment. You sure are at it today… Lots of Navy SEALs swim, are they husky fat?

You think Thor isn’t still on Ped’s? The only thing he isn’t on is a 12000 calorie daily diet. He weighed in at 149 kilos and has ripped abs for fuck’s sake.

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Eddie Hall is quite a character and is hilarious, but I resonate more with Hafthor on his goals and training regimen.

I’ve become a big fan of Thor and admire his attitude and mindset. While Devon is a dreamer, Thor is more of a realist, has great self-awareness and also the awareness of what it takes to become a good boxer. I guess professionalism is the word that I’m looking for when it comes to Thor. He’s just going through the process the right way. Respect.

I don’t know tbh. I assumed that he isn’t because he has dropped a ton of weight.

I am not suprised

Devon looked god awful like he had never boxed in his life

I wish the fight with Alex Simon eventuated. He is fucking legit

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I like Devon Larrett I’m a fan. I hope the best for him.

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I don’t think Devon had any delusions at all.

He knew what he was up against and went in for the challenge.

Arm wrestling fans on a forum are a whole other thing.

I think he’s a black belt in judo? He’s had some mma classes as well. He can’t box, his elbows don’t even straighten. He almost took Thor down lol

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