Dewees showed heart!

I cant beleive there hasn't been many posts about the Dewees fight on Spike this past week. Edwin "Babyface - Bam Bam" showed a ton of heart, punching with one hand while holding the blood in with another. He fought for 12 minutes with blood gushing out, I haven't seen a fight like that in a long while. How many fighters have we seen gas before the 3rd round, without bleeding all over the place, Dewees went 4 rounds and looked like he could have gone 5. Great fight Edwin, you showed your not only a fighter who belongs, but a warrior as well!

i am 100% agreed on that. dewees did show alot of heart. i don't understand gideon though. he is an excellent fighter. after he cut dewees the fight was his for the taking. till dewees's heart took over. but that fight right there is one to show you i seen them stop other fights leben vs florian, florian vs alex those fights were stopped and far less blood came out. but who knows.

TTT for Dewees


too bad what's his name went for that crazy kick in the 3rd. gave bam bam the easy takedown.
kinda lost it for him i think.

alot of heart and alot of blood not going to do him much good in the semis though....