DFC 1 highlight video


hey you got the results of your last event?

That was pretty impressive.Do you have one for DFC2 yet?

Also were people throwing trash in the ring after that final fight and were we about to see a post fight melee that got editted out?

It looked like the guy on the ground was about to hit the other guy and then it cut off

Full contact fighter has the results, I have to download a new ftp server to update the web page.

Haru made the highlight, I don't know how. maybe I can get him a copy of DFC 2.

That guy actually hit Tuchscherer after their fight, it was stopped right away. The crowd started throwing beer cups into the ring. The whole athletic commission was there and the Secretary of State. They were sitting cage side and I'm sure got wet, lol.

Can't wait till April.

LOL @ the last fight.  The winner taunting the loser and the loser taking a swing at him.


for a great event!