DFC 10 "Conquest" May 12th Fargo

1. Adam Saunders 145 (Madison Wis) VS Kent Nathe 145 (Eden Prairie MN)

2. Dan Kasbahm 175 (Minneapolis MN) VS Nathan Schut 175 (Eden Prairie MN)

3. Zack Schroeder 155 (Wahpeton ND) VS Kelly Stenstrum 155 (Grand Forks ND)

4. Brian Heden 265 (Fargo ND) VS Damien Decorah 265 (Madison Wis)

5. Brian Kramer 225 (St. Cloud MN) VS Tyler Lane 225 (Iowa)

6. Shane Wessles 170 (Iowa) VS Justin DeMoney 170 (Iowa)

7. Kyle Olsen 205 (Fargo ND) VS Andy Stock 205 (Iowa)

8. Zack Schumack 155 (Fargo ND) VS Devon Green 155 (Iowa)

9. Ryan Schmitz 185 (Fargo ND) VS BJ Lacy 185 (Minneapolis MN) New DFC Middleweight Title

Card subject to change

Excellent comercial! I'm really looking forward to Schumack-Green/Schmitz-Lacy. Do you have an e-mail I can reach you at, wontsubmit?


Our website is also being updated, its totally under construction and is waaaaaaaaaaaay behind schedule. But this is the new look www.Dakotafc.com . Only the home page is up right now.




New site is looking good.

No Kyle Jensen? :(

Kyle is busy until the end of summer. I think he may fight if the right opportunity arrises, easy fights or big shows. He will be in our October 6th show if he is available.

ttt for the DFC Welterweight champ!

When can we expect to see Chris Truscher again?

Tuchscherer is out with a torn pec muscle which he got training for Mike Russow who dropped then Kerry Schall who dropped and finally Matt Eckerle. His arm and chest turned Black and blue after the fight so he is giving time to heal.

He will probably headline the October 6th Bismarck show. Right now he is racing cars which he took 3rd place in last weekend.

Heres a pic of his car.

Oh wow, I had no idea. Sweet ride!

ttt for my lifelong butchering of his last name.

Hes having an after fight party in his shop May 12th. DJ, Kegs should be fun right down the block from the motel.

His buddy was telling me about that as well, so I just assumed it would be something along the lines of a victory party. His buddy mentions a keg and music, but of course nothing about the guy being injured. lol

He just started rolling again this week so he will be in shape for the October show.