DFC 2 Results

1. James Fuller vs Mark Knight/Fuller by TKO 3:31 2nd rd

2. Mark Bacosa vs Tyler Larson/Mark Bacosa by choke 4:35 2nd rd

3. Lee Lohff vs Thad Pike/Lee Lohff by choke :46 1st rd

4. Alex Sung vs Trevor Julin/ Alex Sung by Armbar 2:06 1st rd

5. Gjermund Larson vs Serge Rochon/Gjermund Larson by heel hook 4:30 3rd rd

6. Yancy Cuellar vs Adam Borgen/Yancy Cuellar by KO :15 1st rd

7. Miguel Gonzalas vs Mike Delgrasso/Miguel by Verbal sub 3:48 1st rd

8. Kurt Moberg vs Todd Fuller/Kurt Moberg by Rear choke 1:12 2nd rd

9. Grant Tenant vs Zack Schroeder/Tenant by Corner threw in the towel end of 2nd rd

10. Rod Salm vs Shawn Taxis/Salm by Rear choke 3:07 2nd rd

11. Mad Mike Bernotas vs Matt Leaf/ Mad Mike by TKO 3:12 1st rd

12. Saul Mitchell vs Keith Sogla/Mitchell by Dec

13. Jason Vey vs Randell Baldonado/ Vey by TKO 4:11 2nd rd

14. Chris Tuchscherer vs Noah Inhofer/Tuchscherer by TKO 2:02 1st rd

15. Clayton Miller vs Bruce Nelson/Miller by Triangle choke 2:11 1st rd

Great night of fights!! Thanks to all you guys for being on the card.

Ill get the web site updated with pics in the next week.

Chris Nelson



"Chris Tuchscherer vs Noah Inhofer/Tuchscherer by TKO 2:02 1st rd"

Hey, isn't Tuchscherer a fairly high level wrestler?