DFC 7 results

DFC 7 "The Revolution"

October 7th 2006

Bismarck Civic Center

Bismarck, ND

1. Jesse Barbot defeated Roger Stiner 3:26 R1 Guillotine choke

2. Tim Samelstad defeated Nick Edwards 2:54 R1 RNC

3. Mason Heim defeated Travis McCollough 2:00 R1 RNC

4. Zach Schumack defeated Mark Bascovsky 1:05 R2 TKO

5. Marshall Martin defeated Grant Tennant 2:12 R1 Guillotine choke

6. Michael Seeger defeated Curtis Demarce 2:04 R1 TKO

7. Kyle Jensen defeated Joseph Winterfeldt 1:03 R1 RNC

8. Chris Tuchscherer defeated Demian Decorah 4:24 R1 TKO

9. Jason Brilz defeated Aaron Praschak 4:55 R1 RNC




Hey Chad the results that were sent to fight fax did not say how they won. Maybe we can fix that?

The results coincided with the administrative code. i.e. Physical Tap Out.

We can certainly revisit how we submit them, but when Al scores he goes exactly by the letter of the regulations.

Physical tap out due to rear naked choke would be more informative. Id like to revisit it please, lol.

Fine with me, it will almost always guarentee me a good spot next to the cage explaining what just happened.

haha. Good for the both of us then!!

I heard that this was a great event. Any pics up anywhere? Id love to see 'em!

No I have not got them yet. But I will post them when I do. My wife took some but they were all dark or blurry. We had a gal from Arizona take the pics, im sure ill get them soon.