DFW confident enough to hold date at MSG

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                                DFW confident enough to book date at MSG

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                    <p><em>At last<br />

My love has come along

My lonely days are over

And life is like a song

-Etta James

Modern MMA was born in Colorado, where there was then no government athletic commission to regulate it. Then powerful Sen. John McCain infamously dubbed it "human cockfighting" and many states passed laws prohibiting it. Then the tide turned, and leading ACs, from California and New Jersey, began to regulate the sport, and it was saved.

It is now allowed everywhere in North America, except for New York. In The Empire State, amateurs are unregulated and fighters with Hepatitis and HIV are known to have competed. Pro MMA is prohibited.

For nine years the UFC has journeyed to New York's capitol of Albany, to push for the regulation of MMA. Five times the bill got through the Senate; each time, then Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver refused to bring it to a vote.

Silver was arrested on corruption charges, and resigned as Speaker in January. SIlver has been replaced as Assembly Speaker by Carl Heastie, a past supporter of the bill.

Earlier this week Bill No. S2159, sponsored by Sen. Joseph Griffo (R-Rome), went through the State Senate Committee for Cultural Affairs, Tourism, Parks and Recreation by a vote of 9-4.

***Take a second and tweet thanks to Sen. Griffo***

Next the bill goes to the Finance Committee for a vote, where it was expected to pass. Then it will likely go to the Senate for a vote.

UFC president Dana White appeared on AXS TV’s Inside MMA on Friday and expressed a fair degree of optimism in the bill passing, and MMA being legal in NY by the end of 2015. In fact, White was confident enough to hold at date around Christmas at Madison Square Garden.

“You wanna know how confident we are?" said White as transcribed by Jeremy Brand for MMASucka. "We’re holding a date."

So things are looking good for MMA in New York, at last.

And lastly, no discussion of MMA in New York should pass without thanks to the extraordinary work done in New Jersey by Nick Lembo and the other regulators in The Garden State, who have led the way since ever since.

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Awesome!!!!! First. Phone Post 3.0

That would be awesome! I have a good feeling this time!

Great news. Prolly Weidman and or jones headlining. Phone Post 3.0

This is excellent for NY and MMA in general. Phone Post 3.0

I'm thinking of the smaller organizations that will come out of this. It could be great Phone Post 3.0

great news

I guess we'll see if it really was all just Shelly Silver holding MMA back in NYC.

not going to happen by Christmas time.

and a UFC in MSG is going to be just another event.

I'm sure they'd sooner bank on it passing the Senate then they would having Weidman healthy enough to headline.. Phone Post 3.0

The ufc obviously opens new markets to gain more revenue opportunities but you can't deny how good it is for the health of the sport in general. Phone Post 3.0

He's underestimating how corrupt New York Democrats are. It's not just Silver. Phone Post 3.0


Didn't they end up moving a show from MSG before because they were overconfident?

Not saying it won't go through, but I've been through this before.

It would be nice to hop on the LIRR and checkout a UFC event for once. It's been way too long! Phone Post 3.0

TheBigRedOne - There is already MMA in NY. Why the need to want the government to regulate it, and then bitch about how they regulate it?

Check out the story on the OG that one guy wrote about his life story...He's competed multiple times in NY and has undergone open heart surgery multiple times.  Not to mention no blood/drug testing.  That kind of shit can ruin MMA if someone ends up contracting HIV or dying of a heart attack in a unregulated fight.


They would undoubtably make the MSG card the greatest of all time. What a show that would be.

I sure hope this works out this time


"The Time is Now"


RickStorm - 

I sure hope this works out this time


"The Time is Now"


It's "Welcome to the Show" now.