DFW confirms Volk is next in line for LW title

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Interesting. Weird… so O’Malley fought so many unranked fighters it seemed like he was being protected, then out of nowhere he is booked against Yan and gets a title shot if he wins? Seems like a steep jump. Obviously if he beats Yan he’s ready, but it’s just a weird progression.


Money money money

I thought this was huge news but this thread flopped

if he beats Yan its a good money fight for UFC and he deserves it

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A little disappointing because I want to see Emmett get his shot before it’s too late, but I also am interested to see Volk move up a class, because he used to legitimately play a sport at 215 lbs.

I’m in.


same here. last i heard from my inside source (here in the sac area) is that josh was getting the next shot. maybe something changed.

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Marlon Vera should get title shot.

If O’Malley wins against yan, in his last 6 fights he will be 4-1-1 with a great win against Yan and wins against no other ranked fighter.

Vera is 5-1 with a decision loss to Aldo and highlight finishes of former champs Edgar and Cruz. Oh and he beat Omalley.


I know the OG likes Volk, but I couldn’t possibly care less about him, unfortunately for me. I’d kinda like to see him go up & get ko’d.


Lol I recognize Volk is a great fighter but I also just do not care much about his fights. I guess a fight vs Islam would be interesting though


Emmett got a gift decision against Calvin, then bitched like a diva about his free ticket

He doesn’t deserve shit


Dana rewards loyalty.
The fact that Volk was prepared to save the card if need be pushed him forward.


Props to Volk for going up in weight, but like others said, I could not care less. I find him as interesting as a piece of paper. I would love to see him get destroyed at 155 by Charles Oliveira

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Yeah definitely. Just didn’t understand how he went from eye poking Munhoz (his first ranked opponent) to fighting Yan. But I am excited to see it.

This is what I don’t understand about the whole thing. I get that he would get the title shot with a win over Yan because he’s the clear number two guy. But he essentially has no other ranked wins.