DFW: Cris Cyborg would KO 'irrelevant' Tito

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                                DFW: Cris Cyborg would KO 'irrelevant' Tito

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                    <p>Dana White At the UFC 168 World Tour: Rio media scrum UFC&nbsp;president Dana White stopped holding back his real feelings about Tito Ortiz, and instead simply spoke his mind.</p>

Reporter: Cris Cyborg said she expect to fight Honda Housey next year, at a catchweight. What's the chances of that happening?

Dana White:  "Slim to none. She's got a dummy running her business who can't run his own business."

"The last thing I would do, ever, is do anything with that knucklehead… She literally committed professional suicide.

"The dumbest in the sport, literally. Literally the dumbest guy in the sport, who has destroyed his own career - she has him guide her career. It makes no sense.

"The dumbest human being to ever be involved in the sport. But you know what? If you want to say that he's good at anything, he's good at keeping people talking about him.

"The most irrelevant fighter on the f---ing planet. Seriously you guys - he has not won a fight in years. He can't beat anybody. He literally can't beat anybody. Cyborg would f---ing knock him out. Literally the most irrelevant guy, but still has people talking about him. So for as stupid as he is, and as irrelevant as he is, he's very good at keeping people talking about him."

(30:50 mark)


Oh, no he di'in't!

One day a fighter is going to slap him in his bald head.

Sick of hearing him talk shit about guys who are willing to step in the cage and fight, purely because he has power on the business side of things.

He has no respect, and talks like a man who has never fought a professional match before. Phone Post

Then why does Dana give him so much attention Phone Post

Great no honda vs crybog , sick of all this bs !!! Phone Post 3.0

Any respect I had for Dana was gone a long time ago so this is nothing shocking. I mean seriously to talk that way when Tito has done so much for the UFC from all the promotion he did and to all of his major fights for the UFC. Tito was todays Chael but promoted much better and won more. It is the same as how he was just telling the media how he is coming after Ken Shamrock. This guy will use and abuse you and once he is done with you he will trash you to no end. Hell he trashes fighters all the time that are still under contract all the time also.

These media scrums really outline how pathetic the MMA media is, sitting giggling like little girls when Dana talks shit about Tito, noone dares speak up, its all just an ego boost for Dana. Some of the shit that he rants about at these things is laughable.

That has to be taken with a grain or two of salt. lol

Will NEVER buy another UFC for as long as this clown is in charge.

Bader doesn't count as a win? Phone Post 3.0

dfw jr - your interviews would be so much better if you would stop saying 'literally'.

BLAF would KO Tito in a boxing match

I know Dana and Tito have issues but there is no reason to disparage a guy's career like that. Tito has done a lot for MMA and the UFC. As much as Dana doesn't want to admit it, Tito is still relevant. So much so that he co-mained his last fight in the UFC, which was the biggest ppv the UFC has ever done. Granted it was more about Chael and Silva's rematch but he was a part of that. He is now headlining a PPV for another organization and Dana acts like he is a nobody. The guy is in your fucking Hall of Fame, Dana. Phone Post

Anyone who thought Cyborg being represented by Punishment was an even remotely good idea needs to be shot in the face. I remember actually sighing & thinking, "whelp, theres goes that..." Phone Post

ban dana white for fighter bashing. 

markostavric - dfw jr - your interviews would be so much better if you would stop saying 'literally'.

This, literally this.

She already cracked his skull once

Tito has nothing for the 'borg

He seems to love the word "literally". Too bad he doesn't understand how to use it. Phone Post 3.0

I would love to get Lorenzo and frank's take on this. With no cameras or anything. I wonder how they really feel about all this Dana shit talking. About a guy who made them a ton of money. Phone Post 3.0

Dana is incorrect. If Cyborg was going to win, it would probably be with a rib roaster.