DFW: I don't read the Internet anymore

DFW: I don't read the Internet anymore


Roxanne Modafferi recently interviewed UFC president Dana White, who reports that he is done with fans on the Internet.

"I found that our fans are going to b---- about everything," said White.  "We know what fights people want to see.  We have different types of fights, ones that hard-core MMA fans are into, and then fights that break through, that spill over into main stream that people will PPV to see."

White offered a blunt explanation for how he knows what fights to make.

"Because I'm the biggest f------ fight fan there is," he said.

"I literally don't read the internet anymore. I used to go on all the time, but I'm just not into it anymore.  I've shut myself off from that whole world."

"All you need to is to get some money, build a website and you're an instant journalist."

White had initially encouraged UFC fighters to push their brand on social networks, offering $10,000 quarterly bonuses in a number of best-of Twitter categories. He offers a more ambiguous view.

"I think it's a positive thing. It definitely adds value," he said. "but a lot of fighters don't have that skillset.  It's tough to do sometimes. It's tough to interact with people on the internet – nameless faceless people who can say what they want without consequences."

"Engaging in social media is good if you have the patience and social skills."

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thats right blaf...bury your head further into the sand and surround yourself with yesmen



Well, I don't read anything, anymore. Like, at all. So, there.

It's understandable. Poor guy still uses a flip phone...

Yes he does he's lying.

He said the same thing about not reading the internet ariel helwani recently.

Then within two minutes he was quoting a headline Ariel helwani made saying something about him announcing the Henderson vs cormier Fight. Helwani says I didn't announce it and Dana says "you said targeted I don't care its the same fucking thing".

If he didn't read the internet how would he know Ariel had the headline cormier vs Henderson targeted for ufc 175?.

Sorry Dana I'm too smart brah

aww, Dana doesn't like dissenting opinions. So many feels Dana, so many.

That goof egg should stay off twitter then. Phone Post 3.0


He is probably reading this thread right now.

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I think he's bored of it because we can't post gifs Phone Post 3.0

Smart move, I can't even imagine getting constant hate and criticism for every move you make. However it would be nice to drive Lamborghini's and fuck the ring girls. So I guess it has it benefits to being a face of an organization. Phone Post 3.0

yeah, sure he doesnt


I really am Dana

He is right, most the people on this forum are overly sensitive and whine about every lil thing. Phone Post 3.0


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Flip phone FTW

That's why he hasn't been answering my pm"s! Ohhhhhhh ok Phone Post 3.0

It's because he doesn't need links to Pride streams anymore.

Good job guys. Thanks to your whining, you have scared our hero away from us!

Damn you UGers and your negativity!!!

Fighters and dana used to post here very often. The UG has been such asshole to all of them so none of them post here anymore. Phone Post 3.0