DFW: I sucked as a fighter

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                                DFW: I sucked as a fighter

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If they wanted to pursue a career in MMA, yes or no?

My kids can do whatever, I expose them to tonnes of different things. My kids the do MMA, they snowboard, they skateboard, they play football, they do everything. So I expose them to a lot of things so whatever they love they'll end up doing anyway. I couldn't care less, as long as they're happy.

And how about you, what turned you from fighter to promoter?

Because I was a better promoter than fighter. I woke up one day and realised I sucked as a fighter.

What's it like being point of call for hundreds of athletes around the world?

Think about this right, I deal with 475 of the toughest dudes in the world, they all have egos, they all have agendas, so every day that I wake up there's some bull***t going on. I deal with guys who make millions of dollars and some that make hundreds of dollars, but the one thing that always stands true is that they're human beings. They've all got problems, family problems, there's so many different things to deal with.

read entire interview...


As long as you're BLAF it doesn't matter how you fight Phone Post

"My kids the do MMA..."

Yes yes my kids the, do lots too

at least he is honest. Phone Post

I deal with guys who make millions of dollars <b>and some that make hundreds of dollars</b>

If it was up to DFW, they would all make hundreds of dollars.

Love him or hate him, you can't dispute that he lives a life way outside of the ordinary. Phone Post

I would LOVE to see any videos available of Dana fighting.

White has been open about this in past interviews and while a tough talker doesnt front as being actually a fighter. Like this piece, readily admits he didnt have "it"

RyannVonDoom -  

This is all time epic, might have 2 make this my background Phone Post

 Dana was a fighter????

. Phone Post

lol at him being a fighter, I don't think he could take the average guy.

 lol I misread the title.  I thought it said:  "DFW: I sucked a fighter"

Did he ever even spar? Phone Post

Yeah. He needs to be bashed. He calls everyone else morons. That is ok because he is Dana White and this is the Underground. But hey. Child molester's accounts are actively open on here. I can see your logic.

 ...so safe to assume he didn't wanna be a fuckin' fighter?

So Dana White Admits UFC fighters are making hundreds of dollars.

UFC is a joke.

I didn't even pick up on that. Glad to see Dana fessing up to the ESPN story. Good point. DuesEx.

 He used to be a cardio boxing instructor I believe. He was super skinny until he got rich/TRT'd. He's has his flaws like the rest of us, but there would be no UFC without him. Would have been awesome to see him fight Tito, I think it woulda been a youtube clip for the ages


The truth. Phone Post