DFW: I'm confident that GSP will come back

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cheesesteak - You know. I think Dana did a fine jo of making the UFC popular again when it was in the bowels of obscurity. he did a fine job from 2003-2010 now he is to much of a greedy attention whore/douchenbag bully combination. time for a new president

Dana's ego is getting out of control. He fucks with his fighters morale almost everyday. Dana adds stress to an already stressful job. He needs to reel his personality in a little bit.

One day he might get lit up in his own office and has it coming.

Georges should have bit his tongue?GTFO,Dana should have.Very disrespectful to his longtime champ. Phone Post 3.0

would be funny if gsp decided to fully retire now after rightfully feeling disrespected. you would think after so many years in the business white would have learned a little bit more about being diplomatic as the figurehead of the UFC.

dana can get away with that attitude with a ton of fighters because they need their UFC paychecks to pay their rent and have no other choice but to beg for bonuses, but you gotta be smart enough to realize that stars like GSP don't have to just smile and say thank you no matter how you treat them.

George has earned the right to do whatever the fuck he feels like doing,im not one of his biggest fans but he comes in fight after fight does what he does, doesnt bitch about what fighter to face next, or who deserves what,when, and were, doesnt hole the organization hostage and is your biggest draw,Dana is an animal who has helped to bring the sport in really very lil time from obscurity to the main stage, lets face it as a combat sports fan, if you take away the u.f.c what do you have left for the last ten yrs?That being said he "Dana fkn white jr" shits all over bellator for how they handled alvarez and letting askren go, but he himself on a regular basis shits on his fighters.. but that lil display before george got back to the press confrence was bullshit , that guy has done soo much for the promotion with the absolute embodiment of professionalsm dana you win the douche bag of the fkn week award.

Dana better start getting use to a welterweight division where Hendricks is pushing the PPV.

I love Hendricks but he will never draw anything near close to GSP.Even though he fights very fan friendly business wise it will never even come close.

Kind of weird,considering the PPV number that Cain and JBJ did,that Dana handled the GSP situation they way he did.

Vitor29 - Lol @ Dana saying gsp should have held his tongue. Oh the ironing. Phone Post 3.0
This. How can he tell anyone to hold there tongue, lol. What a joke. Phone Post 3.0

I think everyone [including dfw] should just give gsp some space and let him retire IF he wants to. Doesn't he get a pass for how great he has been for years? Hopefully he makes the best choise for gsp and not for an idiot boss or ungratefull fans. Thanks Georges for all the great fights and for being a class act.

Who the fuck is Dana to say if Georges' problems are serious or not? Nobody asked for his opinion and I'm sure Georges doesn't appreciate Dana trivialising his problems to thousands of people. He's such a prick. Phone Post 3.0

Great way to treat your champion and one of the best representatives of the sport Dana. Talking about him like he's some nitwit that can't decide what's important to him or not. At the same time you're criticizing Bjorn and Bellator on how they treat their champions. That's some borderline sh*t right there.

BJ Penn and Randy Couture retired as well.  

Nick Diaz is currently retired sort-of.


Give the man some damn time-off to deal with his shit.  Sounds to me like does not want to retire.  He wants a sabbatical.  Something that is not unheard of in any profession.  Happens all the time.

IF George wants to return from his sabbatical in 12-18 months, then let him.  He's only 32 right now, he'd be rested, refreshed, focused, and 33-34 years old. 

His Grand Comeback would break PPV records.

If GSP decides to stay retired, then so be it.

FETT_TFK_El Pescadero - I think GSP is having a Kid... And maybe not with someone he's stoked on. He seems like a genuinely good dude (I'm not a Fan, always root against him) and I could see this weighing on him! Between the Fatherly and fiduciary responsibilities looming I could see him wanting some time off!!

My 2 pennies! Phone Post 3.0
Nailed it!! Phone Post 3.0

UFC is becoming a sinking ship


I will bribe or guilt GSP into returning and risking his health and well-being (see Anderson Silva).

After the shit that fuckstick Dana White was talking, GSP should tell him to go fuck himself and then go and fight a couple of scrubs in Bellator (out of spite), then retire for good.

LiftStrong - For Dana White to insult GSP and then downplay whatever personal issues he is having is just over the top ignorant. Whether you think he won or not, GSP fought his ass off until the final bell.

I hope he retires and has a great, healthy life. It is pretty obvious Dana doesn't see fighters as people, he sees them as dollar signs. And the UFC will be seeing far fewer dollars if GSP is retired.

Lots of good stuff in here. This one sums it up best for me.

i feel bad for gsp because of his father but its a part of life and ive lost just a tiny bit of respect because of the pregnancy issue and not necessarily in itself but if that is the truth for bringing it public so i will say it. ok, if he wants to avoid this, be more careful or only sleep time with the womens he wants to have relations with. a rematch with hendricks is dangerous but he could win, and could keep fighting even more in the division. but the reality is that gsp has looked significantly muscle bound since his injury return and it hasnt seemed to help him land any subs or anything. now can you be muscular and fight well of course but im saying it seems to impact his skillset negatively. he needs to get power back on his strikes and his grappling is good but doesnt seem as effective, of course, as say during the hughes fights era. gsp has had a great career and i prefer to see guys like this retire undefeated than keep pushing it and lose a match when theyve aged significantly. another thing ive seen with the fighting comments is people seem to think when one fighter beats another fighter, its like set in stone that they are better. fight sports could go either way any different night its a close competition about what they manage to succeed at doing in the ring.

gsp stand up has been sub par his last few fights and for him to continue fighting poses a significant danger even though i would still give him an edge to win most fights on the horizon. however, he doesnt have anything to prove, and could retire respectfully and 'undefeated' now.

if he wants to fight he needs to do some serious train of thai, karate, boxing, whatever, to get some power back on his punches, on his kicks, and if they cant see it , they definitely shouldnt move forward. gsp toughed out that win to earn it and the ufc fans and organization and media all received it like a bunch of faggy scumbags. also, i was going to post a month or 2 back when there was so much 'tristar is awesome' but i dont think gsp has improved as a fighter since hes been there so much, gsps best fight is when he defeated matt hughes with leg kicks. he is nowhere near that dangerous now, he may be more in shape, but he doesnt have the power.