DFW: I've offered to make McGregor vs. Poirier


Additional UFC sources confirmed to ESPN that the promotion on Tuesday sent a physical contract to McGregor for a potential bout against Poirier.

Sources close to McGregor confirmed to ESPN's Ariel Helwani that the Irish star was offered the Poirier fight, but his management team reaffirmed its desire to fight Manny Pacquiao and have a charity sparring match with Poirier instead of the proposed Jan. 23 UFC fight between the two.

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i think the most interesting part of the interview was Khabib saying he never wants to fight Conor again.  Khabib has everything to lose, and why gift your nemesis with a second chance? 

Conor career has to much weight for Kahbib to not fight him again. Kahbib wants to retire after 30-0 and he really needs to do that second fight with Conor to make his legacy truly timeless.

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No one’s tired of McGregor. Like or loathe, they’ll all tune in. I think a rematch with Poirier would be interesting - and the numbers would be there. 

Not that we didn’t already know this, but Dana really knows how to play the game. A master. 

What kind of butt hurt faggot would vote down a post as benign as this man’s post? It’s completely accurate. 


If you really want to know, they are public.  

uh oh

Really surpriswd by this.

I love The Diamond, but not really the kind of guy that helps Conor hype a fight.

Conor has everything to lose and nothing to gain, and Dustin is dangerous.

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When herb pulls him off Dustin again everyone will say “meh, already beat him...wahhhhh”

just watch

Connor played the UFC good. 

I feel like there are more exciting match ups for Conor than a rematch with Dustin, but I’d definitely tune in if they fought. I mean no disrespect to Dustin — he brings it every time. 


I’m not the biggest fan of Conor’s antics out of the ring, but am excited to watch anytime he fights. 


I’d be more excited to see Conor vs Tony or Masvidal. Or Nick Diaz if he actually returns. Apparently rankings don’t matter to Conor since he’s asking for Diego, so why not Conor vs Islam? Surely Conor would be more likely to get a rematch with Khabib if he put his protege to sleep.