DFW: MC Hammer convinced me on Nate Marquardt

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                    <p>Dana White: MC Hammer convinced me on Nate Marquardt&rsquo;s return &ndash; UFC news<br />

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     – UFC news

Dana White: MC Hammer convinced me on Nate Marquardt’s return – UFC news

Dana White, President Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), recently revealed in an interview that he has allowed Nate Marquardt to get affiliated with Zuffa Corporation again.

Nate is one of those prolific UFC brawlers who have achieved substantial milestones in their illustrious careers. At the age of 32, the American mixed martial artist has an impressive resume, boasting a total of 43 bouts. He has captured wins over names that are now considered career-breakers for other surging brawlers such as Rousimar Palhares, Martin Kampmann and others.

Infamous as ‘The Great’, Nate has fought Anderson Silva, and Chael Sonnen for the UFC middleweight championship gold. He has won 31 of his total brawls, 10 by knockout, 13 by submission, and eight by either split or unanimous decision. Nate was considered as one of the most feared brawlers in the middleweight division and is ranked alongside names such as George St. Pierre, Anderson Silva and others.

Unfortunately the former three-time middleweight champion of Pancrase, a Japanese mixed martial art organisation, faced tough times and dismal events which led Nate to adios UFC. The controversy started when Nate was scheduled to take on Rick Story.

During the weigh-ins of the event Nate’s blood samples showed illegal quantity of testosterone which provoked the Pennsylvania State Athletic Commission to place a ban on him. Later on after careful examination and detailed investigation the ban was removed but Dana, who got raged by the allegation, had already spoken, “I’m done. I am done with Nate.”

Nate’s contract was cancelled and he had no other choice but to leave UFC and join BAMMA, a British mixed martial art organisation. Matters did not go well and he rescinded his contract eventually. Later on a tiding rattled the whole media and it was reported that Nate will now make his debut in Strikeforce most probably against Tyron Woodley.

Everyone was shocked at how things got streamlined between Nate and Zuffa but Dana revealed the reason. White informed, “Right after it happened, right after he was released from the UFC, MC Hammer is involved in his team. He asked if we could meet; I met him in Los Angeles and he presented the case for Nate, and I said, 'Listen, I love you, but he's gonna have to go somewhere else, fight in other places and come back.' He opted to sit out and not fight anywhere else. He wants to fight in the UFC. So we're going to give him a shot in Strikeforce [and see what happens].”

Dana’s respect for MC Hammer has definitely helped Nate in making a comeback but he now carries much more responsibility on his shoulders. He not only has to make his place in Strikeforce but needs to prove that Hammer’s stand for him and White’s decision were apropos.

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Funny shit that MC Hammer has an influence on the MMA world..

Is it wise to have a guy who famously lost all of his money and went $13 milliion into debt as your business manager?  

I would much rather he learn those lessons on his own dime, so yes.

I thought I heard mc hammer in that interview with ariel lol Phone Post

mc hammer is involved in fight/fighter promotions now. As long as he treats my sport with integrity who gives a shit what crappy music he made 10 years ago?

I watched his reality show one time via accidental curiopsity and he is a good guy. annoying jesus bullshit not withstanding.


Another slap on the wrist for Marquardt. Way to stick by your guns DW.


MC Hammer convinced me that parachute pants were cool and I then tried to join a break dancing crew.
Some things u should just keep to yourself and not brag about.. Phone Post

epwar - Is it wise to have a guy who famously lost all of his money and went $13 milliion into debt as your business manager?  

Lol Phone Post

Could MC Hammer be " Hamils Hammer "

???????? Phone Post

Nameless1 - Could MC Hammer be " Hamils Hammer "

???????? Phone Post

Blew my mind you did Phone Post

I still think that Nate should be in the UFC but he is going to become the new Nick Diaz in SF so it works out for him either way.
I'm wondering what his pay will look like. Phone Post

epwar - Is it wise to have a guy who famously lost all of his money and went $13 milliion into debt as your business manager?  

For what it's worth, he currently has more money that half the UG - combined. He was broke. He is currently not broke. He's a smart guy, he learned from his mistakes and rebuilt his businesses.

He lost his money to carrying too friends and family. He appears pretty centered these days.

Luckily, Hammer told Dana that Marquardt is TOO LEGIT...TOO LEGIT TO QUIT!!!


Mix6APlix - " Marquardt's career as the principals behind Alchemist Management."

Am I the only one who sees humor in that sentence?


(I guess the elixir of life agency was not taking any new clients)

Am I the only one who said "what the fuck?" out loud after reading the title? Phone Post

ElTriangulo - Funny shit that MC Hammer has an influence on the MMA world..

 He is a manager and all, and has probably forgotten more business knowledge than you'll ever learn.