DFW on training methods and injuries

"Georges St-Pierre told me a story where, he showed up to camp one time," White said. "They were going to have them spar with Shane Carwin. Georges said, ‘Why the f--- would I spar with Shane Carwin? How does that help me?' What does that do for me, for my career?' When you hear stupid s--- like that its like, no wonder why guys are getting hurt left and right."
The way White sees it, mixed martial arts camps were once run the way major boxing gyms approached big fights, and it wouldn't hurt if the sport went back in that direction.
"Back 10 years ago, Chuck Liddell was at his camp, he was the top dog, Tito [Ortiz] was down at his camp, [Randy] Couture at his," White said. "[Matt] Hughes had probably the most guys, you look at [Pat] Miletich's crew, they had the most killers, the top gym. Nowadays these gym are packed. Look how boxing does it. If Floyd Mayweather is training for a fight, they build a camp around Floyd. Guys come in and you have sparring partners and all this stuff. [In MMA] they have 10 guys where they're all training for a fight. It's so hard, its different now. They need to start building these camps around one guy.
"We had a situation, and I'm not singling out Greg Jackson here, I can't remember if it was Rashad [Evans] who rolled over onto Diego Sanchez's knee, or the other. They were training right next to each other. There needs to be a more professional approach to training camps than there is right now."

I can see where DFW is coming from here especially with all of the recent injuries. Sparring is a lot more focused in boxing by dedicating whole sessions to one fighter instead of preparing multiple fighters in the same session.

If you look at fighters that take this approach such as BJ Penn you do see a lot less injuries than a large camp all getting ready for a fight at the same time.
However does this lose the intensity of the training and inevitably the fight performance suffers?

I have to say I'm not entirely convinced either way but I do think that there could be something done to prevent some of these injuries taking place. Phone Post