DFW responds to NFL skit haters: 'what do you do?'

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                            I've been in the UFC for 13 years and any of you investigative journalists can look into this but there is a place called the &quot;The Las Vegas Mission&quot; but for probably more than 15 years I've been donating to the homeless, that means I've been doing it since I was broke.<br />
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                            What do you do? What do you do? Shut your face and mind your business.</div>
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Dana is so good at being an asshole and a good guy simultaneously 

He can't win. Ignoring everybody is the best option. Phone Post

MachidasStraightLeft - 

Dana is so good at being an asshole and a good guy simultaneously 

That is actually VERY true. Dana is a good business man and knows you cant be a puss and survive, let alone become successful. But he does give back. No matter what you think of him he does his share to help others.

Are people actually whining about this?

Funny the only people that should be offended are to busy being homeless to care

If Dana really mans up and brings us GSP / Nick Diaz, I will fucking give up a kidney.


I've been hearing shit, but we all hear shit, and if this really goes through, I promise I will be a diehard MMA fan through my great great great great great granchilds' lives.


Seriously, I will never ask for anything else about anything, ever, no matter what.


Dana, you make Nick Diaz / Georges St Pierre, and I promise I will be your undying servant for the rest of days.


Anything you ever need ever, in this world or the next, I will do my very best to provide if I ever even hear about it.


I promise.  Forever.


Please just this one time let this be true!


Pretty please with sugar on top, and molasses, and cotton candy, and pinkberry, and anything you ever wanted ever.


One time baby.  One time.