DFW: Silva 'probably' next for GSP w/ Condit win

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                                DFW: Silva 'probably' next for GSP w/ Condit win

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“I think if we do the fight with (Anderson Silva) and Georges St-Pierre, it would be at a catchweight; probably like 178 (pounds), something like that,” White said on Tuesday’s edition of the Dave & Mahoney show on X107.5 radio in Las Vegas.

“Georges St-Pierre says he does (want the fight),” he added. “He wants to do it, yeah.”

GSP’s desire is definitely a key to making this fight happen. The welterweight champion has often said that he would have to put on permanent weight to move up and challenge Silva at middleweight; that he didn’t want to be one of the guys that bounces back and forth between weight classes.

A catchweight fight, however, could solve that issue, and leave both belts intact.

Silva’s camp has also been quite vocal lately, saying that there isn’t much left for him at middleweight. They have specifically targeted a super fight with St-Pierre.

So it seems the stars are aligning for this fight to possibly happen; at least, more so than ever before.

When asked if this could be St-Pierre’s next fight if he gets past Carlos Condit at UFC 154 in November, White even went so far to answer, “Probably.”

That’s far from definitive, but it’s the closest the UFC kingpin has ever come to saying the fight was going to actually take place.

“He has got to beat Condit first though,” White added, leaving an out. “That’s a tough fight. Georges has been off for over a year, so we’ll see.”

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Laughable that Anderson wants to fight GSP. He should be fighting JBJ. Ridiculous.

Kimbos Bread - Laughable that Anderson wants to fight GSP. He should be fighting JBJ. Ridiculous.

It's what everybody's thinking. Spread the word.

In for GSP's desire! Daddy Dana and Lorenzo adding a few more $ to entice OH CANADAAA

It's gonna be epic fellas. Phone Post

Don't do it GSP.

I'll believe it when I see it Phone Post

They just cursed gsp. Didnt they learn from diaz vs condit, chuck vs page, reem, jds vs kane.

Awesome Phone Post

In for the inevitable "but no version of [GSP/Silva]* would beat a PRIME [GSP/Silva]

delete as applicable Phone Post

"but no version of GSP would beat a PRIME GSP"<br /><br />is that okay?

 GSP wins via UD with ease. Ill bet the house on it. Better take downs than Chael, better striking, and a hell of a lot better sub defense. 

And Dana just cursed this match from happening...

Anytime he gets on his "So-and-so will face so-and-so if they beat so-and-so" it never works out.  The most recent example?  Nick Diaz will face GSP if he beats Carlos Condit.  

License to print money right here, thats all its about ultimately Phone Post

proper weight for these two to fight at.

AS must be in the last fight of his contract w/Zuffa.

A MW Grand Prix tourney will be announced after AS/GSP contracts signed.

This sucks...Anderson wins and he gains little for beating a guy much smaller and GSP takes a loss which always hurts.  GSP wins and it shoots a huge hole in Anderson's legacy and I am not sure he wins a bunch more fans.

How many bows in this fight? I bet 15 before it even starts. Phone Post

 I`m picking St.Pierre.

If GSP doesn't go thru Condit like a hot samurai thru butter he has no chance against Silva, I take that back, I don't care what happens against Condit, GSP has no chance at any weight against Silva. Silva will execute GSP, biggest mismatch in UFC history. This fight is so predictable, no way I would pay to see it. Phone Post

I wish the fight would have happened pre-knee ligament damage. It's so hard to get back to 100% after shit like that. Phone Post

Tranny Yarbrough G(ayest)OAT -
ChokeEmOut -  LMAO @ that matchup. GSP is a shrimp in comparison. Phone Post

No worse than Jones vs Henderson or Frankie vs Benson

Or Hendo Fedor Phone Post