DFW/UFC need Dan Quinn more than ever

given that their latest face JBJ, just swagger jacked himself and Rick Martel, I mean GSP is still on the shelf....the time is right for new blood....Quinn could be the Stone Cold of the UFC, the fans would mark out, he would take them in a new direction, can u imagine, oh my god...the fits he would give guys like JDS and Cain....make it happen...

 Quinn has been labled too deadly for the UFC by more than 6 State Athletic Commissions.

He would test positive for stevia Phone Post

Is Quinn from San Francisco?

At least that would make his threat make sense, given the UFC's seemingly adamant refusal to put on an event at the Cow Palace.

Bring the UFC to the 415!  And Fuel TV too since we ain't got that either.

Just hands and Quinn fucks up the whole UFC HW roster. Unlike Jones, he ain't fake that's for sure playa. Give him a mic and he'd bring in the viewers. He'd become bigger than the UFC and Dana couldnt handle having a fighter get more attention than him for speaking his mind.

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Americans seem to worship strenght/physical athleticism. Football (aka soccer) is a game based on skill and coordination. Americans don't seem to like that fact that in football tallent and skill trumps the roided out jock that they worship so much. Its hard to be good a football and the people the americans consider to be their "best athletes" would never have the skill and coordinatioin required to play the beautiful game, on the other hand given the rightsize & build it is easy to run about a pitch throwing a ball and jumping at people.


So your belief is that among a country of 300 million there are not enough coordinated people to play soccer. And that all you need to do to become say a professional pitcher or quarterback or NBA player is build and size.

If that's the case wouldn't all the big, goofy, uncoordinated people from the rest of the planet be here in the NFL and NBA? I mean, since they could make millions in a sport without having to be good enough athletes to play soccer.

I do think Brockswock comes close to the correct in one respect. The major US sports leagues tend to be a lot more Hollywood-esque in their presentation. American Football is full of 200-300lbs freakishly athletic monsters playing for teams with names like Titans, Raiders, Giants etc smashing into each other, Basketball is full of super tall guys and is extremely high scoring, Hockey has actual fighting, Baseball is perhaps an exception but even then if you compare it to Cricket its presented in a much more OTT Hollywood fashion with players that look a lot more roided/jacked than the avg Cricket player.


I think Soccer is quite subtle in comparison. The players arent particularly big, the game isnt very violent, scoring is quite low, you dont get tons of stats to follow and the all round presentation usually isnt particularly dramatic with an abundance of extra manufactured drama thrown in like cheerleaders, pyro, half time shows etc.

Dan is a beast in the ring, the original badboy, the maitreya of MMA

Fact: Did you know that Dan is undefeated when fighting in a YMCA?

No kicks no takedowns fastest hands in mma, oh for sure (starts crying) Phone Post