DFW Vs FUTA1 potentially Years later?

With the boxing circus in the last year, do u think we might see the fight we never got to see yrs back.

(Do u skeptics think he’d pay Tito to take another dive?)

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Why bother? Dana would devour his soul.


I was robbed/ the ppl were robbed of seeing boss/ + ex manager vs (independent contract :-: @FUTA1

Tito gave out Dana’s phone number here on the forum a long time ago.

*He didn’t do it maliciously.

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It’s “Dana White@Zuffa”, get it right OP

You guys should try googling “futa”. That’s far more interesting than whatever else is going on here.

When MMA was still fun.

That was Dana’s first screen name.He changed it to dfwjr.

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Tito would likely still win, but you never know, boxersize and decades of steroid cycles and HGH might be too much for Tito lol.

Chuck is shot, we all know that, but I am shocked Tito was able to do it that way, his swarm on Anderson Silva looked so horrible, zero technique, slow and weak looking punches, I don’t know as I didn’t feel it on my arms but it looked horribly slow and weak. Almost like Tito was sparring a kid and not trying to hurt him.

I’d pay to see this fight for sure and if the Tito that fought Andy shows up I might have to take the non fighter

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@steak_and_chicken u know Tito has also been doing GH and test for 20yrs right…
Yeah he has always had a larger head than a normal person but GH use also causes cranium growth (as well as growing all/most bones)

Yeah I’m sure he has been using like many fighters but Dana never had to pass a drug test, he is on some high dose shit lol. Even when Tito was small his head was the size of a pumpkin that fucked a watermelon lol

@dfw_jr make it happen.

I said Vitor Belfort was overrated and Dana posted and called me a fucking idiot. I miss those days.

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Not sure why it says that Tito has zero posts.This post is very legit.

From: FUTA1
Date: 07-Mar-02 08:32 AM
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You can contact Mr. Dana White, President of UFC at 702-221-4786 .