DFW watch party for TUF hosted by Justin Wren

 Hey guys I am having a watch party for the first episode of TUF 10 at Buffalo Wild Wings in Fort Worth, Texas :-)

Hope any DFW folk can make it out! I will be giving away several T-Shirts and other goodies. Also a sponsor of mine will be giving out other MMA merchandise.


Party starts at 7 p.m.

Buffalo Wild Wings

5601 South Hulen

Fort Worth, TX


Hmm, Justin "The Viking" Wren...

LMMFAO @ autograph session.


crowbar - 

LMMFAO @ autograph session.



 I by no means meant that my autograph is worth anything, especially as of now. I know this... However, for people in the DFW area getting free TUF T-Shirts as well as other TUF and UFC memorabilia should be pretty cool for just showing up.

Hope you guys have a good night.



Wow...is the UG going to run off a pro fighter before he even has a fight on TV? :P

 Better for you now Crowbar?

I think when the show comes out you will see that I am very mild mannered and am very humble compared to most. I in no means was trying to "inflate" my sense of self worth. Just trying to fill in anyone in DFW on a place to watch the fights where you can get free TUF and UFC gear. As well as a sponsor of mine going to be giving away other free MMA merchandise.

I do apologise if this at all came off as trying to stroke my ego, that wasn't the intention. If someone tells me how to delete the enitire thread I'll do so as this thread has turned somewhat negative. I take everything with a grain of salt, however I see why more of the bigger name guys seem to never post here anymore.

Hope everyone has a great night. Enjoy the season, It honestly is the best one yet.

TTT & good luck & continued success.


 Have a good night Crow... and thanks buddy.

by the way I am trying to help the guy that runs MMAreligion.com

He is only a high school senior and has some pretty funny videos on his site and intresting interviews with big name fighters. He is trying to get Arianny to go with him to prom! He made the prom proposal video on the site, pretty funny... but it would be PRICELESS if anybody has any ideas on how to make it actually happen!

The kid Conner is a World Champion in some type of Karate, he works EXTREMELY hard on his website... and I think it would be the coolest prom story in history if we can make it happen! It's not till April so we have some time... and it'd be in Denver. He stops by and hangs out with Carwin, Marquardt, Schaub, Ludwig, Marshall and all the Denver mma guys a ton. He is a cool kid so maybe we can make it happen!

 I'm no where near Texas, but good luck anyways.

 forget the haters, they're displacing their admiration.




Agreed, calm down UGers ... Justin is a really cool, humble guy.

 Thank you for making the pos.

Sorry for MMA police.

Wish I was there.

 i hope you win.