DFW:"Winner of Schaub vs. Big Nog in the MIX"

 Say it ain't so!

UFC 134: Dana White pegs winner of Schaub vs Nogueira as 'in the mix' for heavyweight title hunt

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Brendan Schaub thinks that beating Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira at UFC 134: "Rio" from the HSBC Arena on Aug. 27 in Brazil would make him the heavyweight division's number one contender.

He apparently is not alone.

UFC President Dana White today (June 16, 2011) told media members at the UFC 134 pre-fight press conference the winner of Schaub vs. Nogueira is "in the mix" for the heavyweight title hunt -- which could be Dana-speak for "I still don't know what the hell I'm going to do with Frank Mir."

Despite some big names, the UFC heavyweight division is surprisingly anemic, which means that either "The Hybrid" or "Minotauro" might get first dibs on the strap by default.

Who else is qualified?

Brock Lesnar is recovering from major surgery to (hopefully) repair his chronic diverticulitis. While he's projected to return in January 2012, he hasn't even started working out, so there's no telling what his recovery phase will be or if he's able to resume his MMA career.

Roy Nelson and Shane Carwin, two fighters recently knocking on the championship door, have both lost two straight. Matt Mitrione only has four professional fights and Pat Barry has yet two win two consecutive bouts in his UFC career.

Cheick Kongo is 1-2-1 in his last couple of appearances and those two losses were to Frank Mir and Cain Velasquez. Travis Browne and Dave Herman have great records, but could have a long way to go before they're considered championship material.

And will the Strikeforce heavyweights start to trickle in as the grand prix concludes?

I guess the X-factor here, at least for the time being, is Mir. The UFC could keep him on the sidelines in hopes of extracting one last money match out of him and Brock Lesnar, or the former champ could face the winner of Schaub vs. Nogueira to determine the number one contender.

Unless the Maniacs have a better idea? That's what the comments section is for, so go ahead and map out the rest of 2011 in the UFC heavyweight division below.


 Schaub has yet to be tested against legit competition IMO..

 lol @ the UFC Heavweight division having any depth......

 Winner probably gets Mir

I would really love to see a healthy, not coming off staph Nog fight Mir again. Sadly outside of JDS, and Cain, the Strikeforce HWs are all better. Fedor, Reem. Barnett, and Werdum are all better than the current HWs in the UFC.

JT42382 -  Schaub has yet to be tested against legit competition IMO..

He was against Roy Nelson and we saw how that turned out.


Have Mir fight Schaub. Then have Nog and Cro Cop have their retirement fight. Phone Post

Agreed. If Schaub wins against Nog; let him fight Mir. If he loses; give him Carwin or Big Roy. Phone Post

 Might want to throw this mix out and start again from scratch then

epwar - 
JT42382 -  Schaub has yet to be tested against legit competition IMO..

He was against Roy Nelson and we saw how that turned out.


 i meant a win against legit comp.  my bad

ChokeEmOut -  LMAO @ Schaub being in the mix. Goddamn the UFC HW division is pathetic then.


The heavyweight division is the worst in MMA.

What do u reckon they will do with the SF HW when they lose and r out of the GP bring them over to ufc or get them to still fight under SF Phone Post

Schaub is never going to be near that title no matter how hard they try to build him up

So what happens when Nog wins and then JDS takes the title? Phone Post

I really hope Cruz, Big Nog and Rampage win so it stifles the marketing plans of the UFC to shove Faber, Schaub and Jonny Bones down my throat. Or at least 2 out of 3. Schaub loses and suddenly it screeches those tires. Because Dana and company have been pretending that loss to Nelson never happened and acting like beating Cro Cop in 2011 is amazing. Phone Post

This matchup doesnt make any sense, other then the UFC wanting to build up an average HW

smoogy -  Might want to throw this mix out and start again from scratch then

no shit

I would like to see Schaub get knock the fuck out.

Strikeforce fighters would kill schuab Phone Post

I'm honestly disgusted with Schaub's fast tracking to the top, calling out over the hill name fighters and saying a win over a very past prime Nog makes him a number one contender. No Budo here folks move on. At the very least Schaub should have to fight Mir after Nog for a title fight. Although I'd prefer he have to fight the loser of JDS/Cain after the Mir fight. Meanwhile bring in some of those Strikeforce heavies because the division seems to have disappeared in a couple weeks.