DFW's Hotel in Toronto?...

Does anybody know what hotel he is staying in?...
In the second UFC 140 interview with Ariel Helwani
and on Dana's 2nd Vlog with footage from an interview with Landsberg, there is this really cool abstract expressionistic
painting that I wanted to do some research on...
Might be a Hans Hofmann if that means anything to anybody?
I know that the UG consists of a lot of cultured individuals.
And MMA is an art form right?...

So perhaps you guys could appreciate:


twitter him or ariel

Don't lie. You just wanna go give him some lip about Miguel being cut. And you know he'll listen!

lol jk he'll laugh in your face and that make another tweet about how the UG is filled with nerds


Probably the Royal York. Great place and within spitting distance of the ACC.

I know they have Impressionist paintings in some of the ballrooms.

There we go...Hans Hofmann ftw...

Cbass - Laziest stalker ever Phone Post

lmao I figured this was gonna b somewhere on first page Phone Post

Don't you know that Hans Hofmann instructed Lee Krasner, who was Jackson Pollock's wife, and main advocate in getting both him and his work the respect and exposure that it deserved?

damn dude, Royal York. Would love to see the digs he has while in town.

Probably wouldn't quite mind having it for like a week.