Diablo 3 Headcount

 Who all is getting it?

We need to get some games goin.

 probably will get it

 Want to, PC probably can't handle it. 

Signed Phone Post

Already have it pre ordered Phone Post

Active Measures -  Who all is getting it?

 this guy!

Delorian -  Want to, PC probably can't handle it. 

I dont think its gonna require a very good PC. I played the beta and the graphics are extremely unimpressive. Theres only so much you can do with that kind of game and view.

i'll be in

I'm hoping to get it. Gotta save up Phone Post

 Awesome fellas. Lets get this shit goin. 

I have a vent server we can use and a few other friends interested.

On the beta .... Killed the skeleton king a few times '. Love it ... A must buy for me Phone Post

I have it preordered as well.

 im still skeptical...

LOVED the first 2.  getting the ballista on my bowazon back in like 2002 was like a fucking godsend.

i'm just worried it wont live up to my expectations.  ive got a coworker who is constantly hounding me to get it.

i'm gonna wait a few weeks to see hwo it plays out.

what are the system specs? my buddy was claiming it was surprisingly low, which would be good news on my laptop.

Deciding factor for me. I want it

leglockfan -
Active Measures -  Who all is getting it?

 this guy!

. Phone Post

 Collectors edition pre-ordered

I'll get it

I got mine through the WoW annual deal. I'll be playing.

I'm getting it.

Whens it come out? At work atm, but ill have it Phone Post