Diaz bro’s jiu jitsu

How good is it?

Both long time Cesar Gracie black belts. Both have numerous highlight subs. Between the two, they have lost by submission once (Hermès Franca beat Nate by armbar). Always noted by fighters and analyst as super high level. Always considered to have the edge if it hits the ground.

Only accolades I could find were a pan-am gold and silver for nick and Nate respectively. Say we have Olivera vs Nate, or Gilbert vs Nick, how does that go if it hits the ground? MMA or BJJ

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Good questions. Diaz bros BJJ for MMA is top notch. I think Burns would beat Nick. Charles be Nate would be interesting on both striking and grappling actually. Charles hits a lot of his subs opportunistically on transitions but you see how smooth his fundamentals are vs Tony too.

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@Vegito_Blue told me it was the best in mma .
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Nate’s transition from triangle to armbar again Takanori Gomi was a thing of beauty


Nicks grappling defense is great too. Go rewatch Diaz vs Penn. BJ takes Nick down and gets his back right away, but Nick defends the position and gets BJ to take side control and then masterfully gets BJ into his guard then eventually gets back up. It was grappling porn


I think charles would steamroll nate. Charles is a multiple defense champ. Nate is a gatekeeper.


Those are interesting matchups tbh. If Anthony Pettis can submit Charles I don’t see why either Diaz couldn’t. They’re both better boxers obviously. They both submitted Gomi at LW

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I submitted someone at 155 too. Whos to say i couldnt submit charles?!

Was it Takanori Gomi?


Oh so thats your bar :rofl:

No matter how many fights you lose, youre still the greatest as long as you submit gomi lmao.

Although nick doesnt hold a submission win over gomi. Just a no contest. Because not only was he a .500 fighter in the ufc… hes also a drug addict.


I’d hazard nicks black belt is just as high level as Charles but Charles gets the W based on being a more disciplined, committed, hard working athlete and person


Today sure. I was saying prime Nick. He’d beat Charles

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Better boxer. Better athlete. Far more durable and tougher. Etc.

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Lol pot head = drug addict?

He’s a Diaz hater lol he’ll say anything

I’d like to see Nate fight Charles

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Yes pot heads are addicts.

Especially ones who care more about the bong than their career and legacy.

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Ill say anything thats the truth.

Which part are you disputing?

That nick was a .500 fighter in the ufc? He was 7-7-1. Thats .500.

Or the drug addict part? Nick failed againsy gomi, silva, and marius right? How many failed drug tests and career disasters does it take for you to admit someone has a problem?

No CoNtEsT