Diaz brothers fight tonight

As well as Chris Quitiquit, he is making his mma debut. I think Tim McKenzie also fights on the card. Anybody with more info post it.

I was told by someone who was at the weigh ins yesterday that Nick was scratched from the card because his opponent did not have the proper paperwork

I dunno...I have talked with Diaz, and he is NOTHING like his "on-screen" personality in real life...He is well spoken, intelligent and he is a good kid, not a partier, not into Drugs and shit...He is a dedicated athlete who spends allot of his free time preparing for and competing in Triathlons and Marathons etc...And he is pretty good at those sports also...

I don't agree with the "the Diaz's are cocky dicks" hypothesys...But I can understand how people would have that opinion of him if they never met him.

Don't judge a book by it's cover.

Hopefully he'll return to the UFC soon. Love him or hate him, his fights are fun to watch.

LOL at SEVEREHEDTRAUMA!!!!!! I thought I was the only one thinking that when I read "Diaz Brothers."

evilmaster you are dead wrong.

BTW, I am a huge nick diaz fan

"GO the OTHER GUYS!!! the Diaz's are cocky dicks."

UGDouchebag is a perfect name for you.


I saw a truck pulling a trailer on hiway 99 yesterday morning on the way to work with the poster of Diaz on the back.That`s more advertisement then the last show.

BTW... Tim WILL NOT be fighting on the card.

"evilmaster you are dead wrong."

Could be...It's not like I hang out with the guy...I used to think he was just a punk ass mouth piece dumbass...But after meeting him, and talking with him for a decent amount of time, My opinion of Nick was changed. And I was impressed. Have you met him?

You really are dead wrong EvilMaster. I hate to rain on your parade, but got to set the record straight.

Nick doesn't really talk that much and when he does, he is not well spoken. Bwahhhhhh! You've got to be kidding man! This kid (Nick) is seriously what I call truly uneducated - and not even because of the swearing. Intelligence isn't exactly either brother's strong suit.

Drugs? Are you serious? This is even more hilarious. Maybe they aren't into hard drugs, but everyone in NorCal knows the Diaz bros are potheads. They're not recreational smokers either - they're like the everyday getting high-kind, the show up high for training-kind, like smoking before your fight-kind, the open the car door and get high off their fumes-high. These bros are serious about smoking some weed!

They're not bad kids. Actually, they're considered to be pretty cool. They're just pretty trashy; ghetto Stockton-style. I don't dislike either of them, but there's no way in hell they are as you perceive them to be, sorry. Yes, I have met them and know a lot of people that have trained with them and they'll tell you the same thing.

"LOL at SEVEREHEDTRAUMA!!!!!! I thought I was the only one thinking that when I read "Diaz Brothers."

so true



from graciefighter.com

Nick Diaz's opponent for tonight's fight, Jason Meaders, did not show up for the weigh-in and apparently will not be participating in this evening's match. There has been a lot of speculation that there was a problem with his blood work and since that problem was cited by the CSAC, Meaders has not returned any phone calls and has effectively become unavailable. There were other 170lbs fighters on the card that stepped up to take Meaders place however for some reason CSAC Commissioner, Armando Garcia, has refused to allow this and insisted on calling off the fight. There have been several shows that had similar problems where the cards were allowed to change and we have no idea as to why Garcia chose this particular card to nix the main event.
Nick- " I trained very hard and am disappointed that my hometown fans won't be watching me fight tonight. Hopefully I'll be back here again soon."
Nathan Diaz's fight vs. Dennis Davis will now be the headliner.


nathan diaz won rd 1 via kimura

"cocky dick" = redundant


Nate Diaz absolutely destroyed Dennis Davis.

Travis McRoberts beat the hell out of somebody.

Lou Russell and Chuck booze are absolute animals and Elaina Maxwell laid the pimp hand down on some poor young lady.