Diaz Condit Saga

 The UG - condit vs diaz announced -  oh my god fight of the year

on the way to the fight - this is going to be amazing

waiting for the main event to start

me watching at home - my god this condit

diaz fans watching

condit fan reacts to decision

me: well done carlos, great display of strategy,technique, and discipline


 condit fan heads to the ug to discuss the fight.

hey what did you think of the fight?

me: 9/10 threads on the ug about the same thing

"Carlos Condit is the devil"

diaz and condit fans arguing

tries to make a thread about a different topic

can't take it anymore


did you hear? did you hear?  they announced a rematch!


rematch rematch rematch 
rematch rematch rematch!

what is taking so long? make the rematch official already!

 diaz tests positive for marijuana


well.....................this sucks

........to be continued

 hopefully no one is offended and we can all have a quick laugh

Haha awesome

Would vote up if I could Phone Post

lol thats awesome and 100% correct



also this is hilarious

Lol for real, I had to put my bong down.

lol, good stuff!

Genious!! Phone Post

LMAO! Well done DamnSevern!

I wish I could put this on autoplay.

hahahh this was awesome!!!GENIUS!


Not a big Jerry fan...but damn this thread delivers!!!

Our lives for the past week. Nailed it again DS! Phone Post

Not a Seinfeld watcher but appreciated your awesome gif work. Hilarious! And all very suiting! Phone Post

This is amazing! Phone Post

That's hilarious. I also was so sick of the threads after the fight even though I thought Diaz won. Then I heard about the rematch and went crazy Phone Post