diaz/diego odds?

where can we find them?




make diaz a big dog.

Diaz -200
Sanchez +160

Rashad Evans -185
Brad Imes +155

Joe Stevenson -450
Luke Cummo +300

Kenny Florizn -135
Kit Cop +105

Keith Jardine -115
Kerry Schall -115



Ultimate Fighting -Spike TV - The Ultimate Fighter Finals
Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Nevada

Nick Diaz -185     7pm pst
Diego Sanchez +175

Rashad Evans -175 6pm pst
Brad Imes +165
(TUF2 Heavyweight Final)

Joe Stevenson -360 3pm pst
Luke Cummo +330
(TUF2 Welterweight Final)

Kenny Florian -135 3pm pst
Kit Cope +125

Keith Jardine -115 3pm pst
Kerry Schall +105



joey you got mail

hey joey everythings fine, thanks for the smooth transition. Time to lay some dough

joey are you going to have lines for the melvin guillard-marcus davis match.

hey joey everythings fine, thanks for the smooth transition.

Thank you guys for the continuede support.  I know the transition was a pain in ass for alot of the players. I assure you Pinnacle will clearly be more benificial to the player with the reduced juice and 10 cent lines on all the fights.  An overall  benifit to the players.

joey are you going to have lines for the melvin guillard-marcus davis match.

No. Just what we opened earlier today.


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can vouch for the transition being smooth... originally my balance was shorted on the transition, emailed customer service and it was straightened out the next day... looking forward to withdrawing from pinnacle...

I was hoping Diaz would be the dog. I'd jump on him faster than Luke jumping on a "fat prostitute".

yeah??? I'm not sold on diaz yet... keep hearing about his ground game being sick, but have not seen that part of his arsenal yet.. be interesting to see how diego fares against a season guy though...

stevenson is already up to -420 and probably climbing... wouldn't have minded jumping on him when he opened up...

I like florian at -135...

i like luke cummo with the numbers the way they are. haven't seen kit cope fight but i've heard about him. If florian comes in fighting "smart", he should be able to win this easy.

by "smart" i mean, take him down and work his game from there

Diaz will kick his ass IMO.

I guess we'll see tonight.

booyah on diego...

diaz is a bitch for not acknowledging the ass kicking he recieved...

not an ass kicking IMO. Sanchez took a lot of damage and was bleeding like a stuck pig. he won because judges like the guy on top. Diaz took rd 3 easily and Sanchez took the other 2, mostly by holding him down.

yeah, it was closer than I first thought, I just can't stand diaz and revel in his loss, though I do like to watch him fight at the same time... great match, great night...

30-27, what BS

definitely not a beatdown. Sanchez is just a better wrestler, which ultimately gave him the edge. That last round was definitely diaz. I think both of them gave each other equal damage throughout the fight.