Diaz: Fighters need to know their position

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                                Diaz: Fighters need to know their position

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                    <p>Nate Diaz&#39;s relationship with the UFC has been shaky at best. Diaz has performed at the top of the division for a while has headlined more than one show. Diaz always speaks his mind and recently in speaking to MMA Fighting said that he knows he is one of those guys that &#39;moves the needle&#39; for the UFC:</p>

Diaz and the UFC ultimately settled their differences, however the irony of returning from a one-year hiatus straight into a high-profile slot -- his fifth main or co-main event over his last six fights -- was not lost on Diaz when asked about White's statements.

"I already knew," Diaz said. "Come on. I'll lose this fight and they'll bring me back and put me on another main event, co-main event. And then they probably won't because I just said that. But it don't matter, you're still going to sell the card with me or somebody who's been around long enough, because everyone's new.

"There's great fighters, (Junior) dos Santos, Matt Mitrione, (Stefan) Struve, there's stars on this card, this is a great card. But don't give me that [line] that it's not going to be me who's a part of making any income for you guys. Know your role. Fighters need to know their position."

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Well he really is more of a "needle mover" than 90% of the roster. They should give him some more respect and $ and he'd put on fucking great fights for them. It's not rocket science. Good fights + name like Nate Diaz = more viewers. Nate is good for the UFC.