Diaz gives people so much hell for Shields style

I guess you gotta back your teammate no exceptions but I don't see how he can give Wrestlers shit while his team mate does no better.

and I don't really care if he doesn't like wrestlers but he rallies so much hate in his fans for this stuff while his Ceasar Gracie teammate does it just as bad in his own point fighting and wrestling for points when he does choose to do it

LibraryCard -  He had a rough life he may love Jake like a brother idk? Nothing wrong with having your boys back. Phone Post


that's not the point I was trying to make, back your team mate but don't act like you're all killers at CG and that other guys are "ruining the sport" and all that


Jake is the absolute epitome of the style Nick always complains about and says is ruining the sport.

Props to the defensive BJJ of CG and Jake I guess...

So I take it Jake won? Phone Post

danggook - 

So I take it Jake won? Phone Post

you bet

Diablo is one very confused man