Diaz is killing it at presser(Pride Never Die)

SOOO true, Diaz.

This sport is now geared towards the wrestler.

Pride had it right and until the UFC figures that out this sport will continue to fade.

Well done, Nick.


"Why are you guys sitting next to one and other....you're fighting next."


Love that dude.


"I can talk shit all day"

lol i can't believe that just happened

That was pure entertainment. Phone Post

Diaz just randomly shows up to the presser, I knew it would be gold

Funny how GSP and Johny were buddy buddy and Nick walked up and was shocked they were side by side. He never ceases to entertain.

I guess retard attracts retard.

No one ever heard "Lets work!" by the UFC refs?

He made himself look like a whiney excuse making sore loser throwing anyone he could under the bus and showing that he has no class whatsoever.

But yeah, he "killed it" homie.

The wrestler outstruck him on the feet. Diaz is the king of whining and excuses.

LOL Gotta love Nick

Nick is funny

I love that dude too.  He's a fascinating person.


He brings up a good point about the future of the sport and excitement too.  Even GSP and Hendricks don't seem like they really disagree either.

he stole the show

Arrives 30mins late, still has the most quote worthy answers of the presser Phone Post

I think Pride had the best rules, but how much would actually change? Arona was successful in Pride.

the only thing I agree with diaz on is that the ufc should be more like pride. thats it

Wasa-B - No one ever heard "Lets work!" by the UFC refs?

Never in Montreal during a GSP fight.

Tweener -

I guess retard attracts retard.

Take your negative nancy bullshit elsewhere. That press conference was gold as soon as Diaz began his rant. Phone Post

Wasa-B - No one ever heard "Lets work!" by the UFC refs?

Hey, fanboy, you just don't get it.

Diaz is street and some of us dig that. It reminds me of the days that i actually paid for this sport. When two men stepped in the ring to kick each others ass, not ride a clock to victory so as to create a "legacy".

Diaz is old school and he's right that this SPORT is now one geared towards the wrestler. The rules in Pride were better. The japanese understood how to get the best out of the fighters. Period.

Does that dumb fuck realize that not having Pride rules saved his life tonight? He'd have been knee'd and stomped into Bolivian. Phone Post